Something Special from Seroogy’s

In my opinion, nothing beats a well established family business, especially one that has endured multiple generations. Considering corporations dominate the business world, any local company’s survival is evidence of commitment, professionalism and exceptional skill. That’s why, when searching for the perfect gift for Heidi, I stopped by Seroogy’s. This candy store, with an exquisite variety of premium chocolates, plus a selection of heart shaped boxes to store them, is the best choice in the area…at least for confections.

Seroogy’s was founded by three brothers in 1889. Today, two brothers, a few generations down the line, keep the family business going. Ironically enough, the founders were known as Jim, Joe and Sol; today’s owners go by two of those names: Jim and Joe. Now that’s pretty darn cool.

I guess that’s enough with the family business portion. I mean, the place is known for their chocolates, right? So, what about them? I’ll put it this way; if I were to shop a big box store, Heidi has a preference of premium chocolates I could purchase there. However, if I want to do something extraordinarily special, I should make a stop at Seroogy’s gift shop. So, that’s what I did.

So on with my Valentine’s Day gift shopping…

I’m in De Pere, Wisconsin, a short ride south of Green Bay. I’m hunting for the perfect gift for my significant other. Actually, I’m not really ‘on the hunt’; I know what I’m getting Heidi. I’ve been told that she loves Seroogy’s chocolates, so I’m heading towards the candy maker’s award winning gift shop.

When I enter, as you might imagine, I see a wide array of confections, especially of the chocolate category. I peruse the candies for a second, and then set my eyes on a long glass counter.

Buzzing behind this counter are friendly ladies amongst a wide array of chocolates. The variations, which lie on a back wall, come in both milk and dark chocolate. I know, if I want to prove myself as a loving mate, I must pick and choose these delectable candies. My gunked up mental rolodex is trying to recall which ones are her favorite. I’m bound to fail, yet, it’s the thought that counts…at least I hope she sees it that way.

On my far right, I spy some heart shaped boxes. I choose a small one for around five bucks, then I wait for a lady to call upon me. When she does, she gives me ample time to make my selections. She’s also very helpful, making a few suggestions. I make my choices, and she explains that she’ll call me when my container is filled.

So, I peruse the gift shop. I find a young children’s section, filled with books and the like. I also come across a Wisconsin sports spot, nativity collectables, greeting cards and a few other knick-knacks.

I snap a few photos till my order is ready. I really don’t wait long. When may name is called, I make it to the counter, grab my box and bound towards the cashier. The final tally is sixteen dollars. True, if I was to purchase a similar size box at a national retailer, it might have been one third of the price. But the sentiment is there, and sixteen dollars is not going to break me.

Coupled with roses, my Seroogy’s gift ensures a Valentine’s Day happy ending. I should also mention that Seroogy’s will deliver, attaching a personalized message with the candy.

A good portion of their business goes towards school function fundraisers. Their shops are also open year round. So, whatever the occasion, anniversary, birthday, fundraiser or whatever else, these fine crafted chocolates can serve as a celebration’s punctuation.

Safe Travels!

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