A Clever Way to Celebrate Cheese

As you may know, if you’re interested in my blog topics, I focus on Wisconsin’s signature traits quite often. You know, things like brats, beer, shoreline and, the state’s number one identifier, cheese. So when someone wants to create a new restaurant, one founded in the heart of America’s Dairyland, sure fire bets would be cheese laden entrees…Right? I sought to find that out at Mac’s Mac and Cheese Shop.

Mac’s is growing, with six locations spread over central and eastern Wisconsin. To me, to be honest, going out for macaroni and cheese seems counterintuitive. I mean, c’mon, mac and cheese casseroles just make leftovers slightly more edible. But after perusing their online menu, Mac’s selections definitely piqued my stomach’s attention. And it was reasonably priced. And, truth be told, I had a chance at a bargain via a coupon…it came in the Money Saver Magazine.

So on with my dining escapade at Mac’s Mac and Cheese Shop…

Tonight we’re driving though Ashwaubenon, which is on the western half of the Green Bay Metro Area. It’s early march, and though I crave an outdoor patio, such an amenity is not practical this time of year. So, I want to try something hip and new, and I have a coupon in my wallet, one that ensures value and, judging by their online menu, a pretty damn good meal.

When we enter the small rectangular eatery, which actually has their counter facing the back parking lot, we’re greeted with smiles. I survey their menu board, which isn’t large, but I already know what I’m going to have. It’s actually the special tonight, and there are two sizes to choose from. The ten dollar portion is known as the small, and the one for fifteen dollars is known as the ‘Mac Daddy’. Yep, I’m going for a “Mac Daddy’ helping, with a dish known as the ‘Lobster Mac’. Yeah, I know, lobster and Mac ‘n’ cheese is quite a combo.

Actually that’s quite tame compared to some of the other choices. I spy something called Loaded Baked Potato Mac, Jalapeno Popper Mac, Popeye Mac and other pretty crazy creations to tantalize the taste buds….ooh I forgot Hangover Mac! All told, there are 18 combinations to choose from, plus specials. And a little variety allows for six choices of sandwich melts to that list. There are also some desert selections.

The service model is much like Culver’s, another Wisconsin based restaurant franchise. One simply orders at the counter, pays up front, is handed a number and finds a suitable table-of course with the number displayed so the server can find you. We accomplish half of those feats and search for a seat among this fashionable eatery.

When we meander towards a dining spot, we discover that social distancing is strictly enforced. I should mention, if you really don’t care to dine in, there is also a drive through window. Considering the up front ordering and pay, plus the drive through, one might expect a fast food atmosphere, but actually, this dining room is three steps above your local McDonald’s. One might say, a bit of class was accomplished with great cheese.

We wait around for five or so minutes, then this is brought to our table!

Yep, it came in a skillet, garnished with lemon slices and garlic bread. The Wisconsin cheese, added to some great pasta, compliments our lobster chunks quite well. Heidi actually believes she over ate.

In the end, I can’t think of one complaint about this experience. Well, maybe I would have craved cheaper prices, but fifteen dollars for delicious, tummy filling food isn’t outrageous. This is a great sit down restaurant, or, if you want to treat yourself and family to something out of the ordinary, you could try take out. What am I saying? Mac ‘n’ Cheese is about as ordinary as it gets, Right?

Well, Mac’s Mac and Cheese shop jazz it up a bit. And its Green Bay spot is in a great locale, being near the Bay Park Square Mall. Add the fact that the service was timely and the staff was quite friendly, and it’s no wonder why I’m already considering another visit.

Safe Travels!

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