A Stroll Through Algoma

In Northeast Wisconsin, there is a county known for Lake Michigan shoreline. Yet, lying south of its border, there are other towns that sit along this Great Lake’s coast. One nearby town, about five miles south of the Door County line, is a city known as Algoma. And though it may not be endowed with precipitous bluffs, this small lakeside town makes for a decent visit. Not to mention, should you stay here, versus the pricey resorts to the north, many of Door County’s attractions are within an hour’s drive.

My latest visit to Algoma was with family. That always makes it a little sweeter. I’m actually witnessing nephews and nieces making the transitions from childhood to adulthood. It’s an interesting comparison to see what they’ve become versus what they once were. Of course, there are younger ones in the group, and my hopes and speculations run wild for them.

And that’s why I’m celebrating Algoma this time around. When decent souls get together, it’s cause for a little reflection. The proverbial torch will one day be handed to them. And I can say with utmost confidence, with these kids towing the line, the future of the world is not all that bleak.

So, with that in mind, since I’ve blogged about other attractions in the city, I’m going to compile them….well, sort of. This is going to be a little bit of a mish-mash. Pardon me, with a new schedule, a holiday weekend and other things tugging at me this week, this might not be my most insightful piece. I still encourage you to read it however, Algoma might be your affordable vacation option.

Sturgeon Bay, with it’s Shipbuilding roots, and its position in Door County, may seem like the better bet. I’ve checked hotel prices in Sturgeon Bay, and a few are comparable to Algoma. However, as Sturgeon Bay resides on a Canal, Algoma resides along the untamed waves of Lake Michigan. There is a beach right downtown, yet pebbles and rocks interrupt the smooth, cream colored grains.

I also enjoy the turn of the century buildings, some may be older, set in this small city’s center. Again, if you’re wondering, Sturgeon Bay offers much of the same. There are some artsy nooks in Algoma, not to mention a first rate winery and brewery. Every year, a wine festival, including a grape stomping competition, takes over this small town.

There are also great places to grab a bite to eat in town. And if you’re looking to just hang out and chill in a small, midwestern town, the artwork on the buildings give this place a little flavor.

In contrast to many towns in Door County, Algoma isn’t overrun by tourists. And it’s half the Size of Sturgeon Bay. Where Sturgeon Bay, aside from the downtown portion, is very much a modern and functioning city, Algoma has a much more historic appearance. There’s intimacy in this lakeside town that is lacking in the shipbuilding community to the Northwest. Plus, you’ll definitely catch a local midwestern vibe from those in the town.

If you’re a sportsman, the city, being right on the lake, is perfect. There are bait shops in town, and plenty of businesses that cater to local fisherman. Of course, again, Sturgeon Bay offers much of the same.

Our day, spent along the roaring waves, which crashed the breakers with force, was a fun little retreat. We didn’t stop and eat, nor did we get a drink. We simply strolled, and I think, if you’re looking for a weekend retreat, you know, a casual excursion with no real big plans, this may be an option. As you can tell, I’m a little partial to Sturgeon Bay. While the Door County town is closer to the big draws to the north, Algoma may just alleviate the stress that comes with the high volume of tourists on the peninsula

Next week I’ll feature Sturgeon Bay. I have posted on the town before, yet, it’s been about three years since that post. So it’ll be fun to revisit.

Safe Travels!

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