Green Bay is More Than Football!

If you’ve heard of Green Bay, it’s probably because of a certain professional football franchise. And if you’re visiting, chances are, you’re probably attracted to Title Town because of that team, and its iconic stadium. Of course, I’m speaking of the Green Bay Packers, who play their home games at historic Lambeau Field. But if you’re here for a few days, and toured the stadium and Packer Hall of Fame, assuming you have access to an automobile, there is a lot more happening in this Midwestern town.

For instance, Green Bay boasts a wide array of restaurants and bars in the area.

With experiences ranging from fine dining to historic shake shops,

sushi bars to ethnic foods and food trucks to fish fries,

Green Bay’s eateries thrive because of quality food and ‘Wisconsin nice’ service. Top that off with sports bars,

craft breweries,

neighborhood taverns

and classy drinks spots,

and your nightlife is complete!

“Well, nightlife is well and good,” you may say, “But are there any interesting sights in the town?” There are plenty, and they include a wide array of museums,

an event filled botanical garden,

a top rate and very affordable amusement park,

an excellent wildlife sanctuary,

not to mention, as it would kind of fall in the category of museums, a state park full of historic buildings that have been restored and relocated from the surrounding area.

Of course, shopping could accommodate the females in your group, or even the male might find something cool. The Bay Park Square Mall contains about ninety stores and a sizeable food court, and it’s on the same road as Lambeau Field-but you’ll need to drive to get there. Also, with its location near Lambeau Field, Cabela’s could satisfy an outdoorsman searching for gear. Adding to the fun, a few outlet malls are scattered about the city.

And if you’re craving something that definitely says Wisconsin, there are a few cheese shops around the area.

If you have a car, and are up for a little countryside driving, there is a small factory, a short drive from the city, that has a viewing window, allowing you to watch the cheese being made. All the while, you can peruse their shop, which is packed with varieties of cheese and squeaky, delicious cheese curds.

And here’s just a few more ideas to make your trip to Title Town complete. You could rent a party boat and float through Green Bay’s downtown, skimming across the Fox River. Or maybe take a segway tour, or walk along the Fox River, either via the City Deck or the Heritage Trail.

Green Bay also has two barcades. One resides in the Bay Park Square Mall, the other right downtown on Washington street.

If you’re reading this, and are wondering what museums, restaurants, bars and other attractions there are to visit, go to my home page. There are tons of Green Bay attractions, mixed in with some other great Midwestern spots, in many of my posts.

Here’s to football, whatever team you’re rooting for!

Safe Travels!

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