A Brief After Hours Visit to Heritage Village at Big Creek

Considering the unclear content of this particular post, I’ll have to ask for a mulligan. I’ve been busy, strapped for cash and a little disorganized this past week. So, realizing that cramming ten pounds in a five pound sack spills tons of residue, this week’s post will leave questions aplenty. Ohh…by the way, this piece is about my brief and ill fated visit to Heritage Village in Sturgeon Bay, WI.

Actually, and more precisely, the experience included the Cross Roads at Big Creek, which is an attractive preserve just outside Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. We arrived after hours, so we simply traipsed the grounds, surmising the exteriors of the historical buildings in the park.

There weren’t many structures in Heritage Village; I counted a half dozen or so. But the mainstays of any pioneer town, or homestead community, were there. You know, I’m talking about the town church, schoolhouse, blacksmith shop, general store and, of course, a farm house. What I found great, and am a little hazy on, was that a few buildings were local log cabin style, which I believe would predate the Peshtigo Fire.

I guess it would also depend on whether these buildings, if they are restorations of genuine structures, were found in the northern half of the county. Only the southern portion of Door County suffered the blaze.

After checking out these cool monuments, we then ventured a trail of pea gravel, hoping to find more historic buildings. I’ve read that there was another structure down the trail, unfortunately we didn’t find it. Instead, we found picturesque landscape, which definitely would rank as a quality nature walk.

There was also an inviting visitor center adjacent to the Heritage Village grounds. Once again, we didn’t explore the interior, being that it was late.

Like I said, we didn’t get to see much, but, and I’m speaking partially from experience, this would make a pleasant family day. Or maybe an educational/relaxing retreat for an overtaxed couple. The price for Heritage Village would be $6.50 per adult, and I believe it that would include an audio tour plus a park map.

Sorry four the murky recap!

Safe Travels!

5 responses to “A Brief After Hours Visit to Heritage Village at Big Creek”

  1. Thanks for visiting Heritage Village! On Thursdays from 12-3 pm, the village does come to life if you find yourself up here again. We have the blacksmiths on-hand for demonstrations, the buildings are open to tour, a schoolteacher occasionally will attend, the Madden Tool Museum is open, and “Justin the Journeyman” (myself) demonstrates new tradesman tools each week. We also have chickens for guests to feed.

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  2. No need to apologize! My goals when I post about a place is to capture the memory and also to maybe spark a desire for another to visit. If everything is covered in depth, what is the mystery? 🙂 Thanks for your post. Save your mulligan for another time. 🙂

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    • Thanks Betty. I guess I felt a tad more info may have been helpful. I felt I should have answered the question regarding whether these buildings were genuine or replicas. As to covering everything in depth, you have an excellent point.

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