Sipping Beer at McFleshman’s Brewing Co.

McFleshman’s Brewing Company is set just off of College Ave in Appleton, Wisconsin. And though the location is quite bland, being situated on an unflattering side street, the tap room is exquisite and their beer garden seems primed for a summer concert.

First off, the taproom harkens to yesteryear- a year when my parents weren’t but a mere dream of my grandparents. The stained glass behind the bar, the woodwork and simply the aura says old time upscale neighborhood tavern.

Here, on tap, and also available in canned six packs, McFleshman’s brews are available for consumption. I tried a malty lager and was quite satisfied. All told, I counted thirteen beers available on tap.

Step outside onto their beer garden, taking in the truly rustic vibe of aged and greyed wood furniture, and a potential festive occurrence seemingly lies in wait. There is nothing frilly about this patio. Like the taproom, it hints at an age beyond most living men’s memories, a renaissance of German leisure ambitions. Even the stage is a rudimentary structure. It’s classic class in an ultra-comfortable way.

The old time charm of McFleshman’s was a pleasant surprise. Like many micro-breweries, considering most do incorporate throwback qualities, this place features those ideas in a unique way. A combination of high-class settings to rustic beer garden rowdiness creates a rare atmosphere. Next time I visit this place, it will be on a summer evening during the weekend.

Safe Travels!

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