Fox Cities ABC’s

Today’s post features an exhibit housed in an Appleton museum, the museum being the History Museum at the Castle. The downtown location, boasting a few fun elements, happens to be my favorite local historical attraction. Inside its storied walls, a draw known as Fox Cities ABC’s awaits. It sounded like a winner, so I stopped by for a short perusal.

The History Museum at the Castle, if you were to ask my opinion, is a great draw in itself. It once served as a Free Mason’s headquarters, and features a man who falsely claimed to have been born in Appleton, Wisconsin. Harry Houdini was actually born in Hungary, but he did spend a large portion of his childhood in Appleton. So, with a top floor exhibit featuring the iconic illusionist, and a basement full of local history, this place is tops on my list concerning Fox Cities museums.

As for the exhibit, it uses a storybook format, combining artifacts and a short overview for said historical remnant. Of course, as it’s in the name, the exhibitors pulled a piece of Fox Cities history to correspond with a letter of the alphabet.

What comes through, when that plan is executed, is a fun little trip through the past. It may be somewhat spotty, yet, I learn of business ventures, accomplishments of racial minorities, a celebrity or two, nationalities who left their mark on the area, plus yesteryear’s common features that are totally foreign in today’s world. While the aesthetics hint at small children’s exhibit, it’s really not. All ages can appreciate the historical items and information.

I spent about twenty minutes reading the interesting info, which was printed on what appeared to be a large book page, as it corresponded with the cool artifacts. It definitely was a fun little excursion through the Fox Valley’s past. If you’re wondering, the museum hours are Mon-Fri 10am through 4pm. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find dates concerning how long the exhibit will run.

Safe Travels!

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