A Brief Recap of the Door Peninsula’s State Parks

Door County, Wisconsin boasts five attractive, adventure filled state parks. In my travels, I have ventured four of those natural preserves. Why only four? Because those parks happen to be on the mainland, or, as most would say, the peninsula. The other, known as Rock Island, can only be reached by boat. So, I have yet to explore it. In any case, being that I haven’t yet, I’ll briefly overview the other four premier examples of Door Peninsula beauty.

Whitefish Dunes State Park:

Whitefish Dunes State Park plays home to, as you might guess, a large conglomeration of gigantic, grassy sand dunes. But it also encompasses a rocky dolostone shoreline, where Lake Michigan has bludgeoned the bluffs into modest cave filled cliffs. One can Kayak along the shore, bike the park or hike some awesomely scenic trails.

Potawatomi State Park

Plenty of outdoor activities abound at Potawatomi State Park. Mainly, the park boasts an uplifting example of lush green, rolling forests. Since the 1,200 acre park resides along Sturgeon Bay’s shore, boating, fishing and kayaking are favorites here. Not to mention, camping, hiking and mountain biking are all awaiting a park goer. Potawatomi also plays home to one end of the Ice Age Trail, a 1,200 mile hiking path that courses across Wisconsin.

Peninsula State Park

Peninsula State Park is the largest of the Door County parks. Graced with prodigious bluffs, eight miles of shoreline, and a hilly forest floor, this park probably offers the most fun on the peninsula. There’s a sandy beach, multiple campgrounds, a handicapped friendly tower, a lighthouse, and plenty of hiking and biking trails. Chances are, if you want a Midwestern type adventure, you can find it here.

Newport State Park

Newport State Park is the most secluded park on the peninsula. With it being situated away from light pollution, this park has earned the International Dark Sky Park designation. Considering its hiking and biking trails, along with hike-in camping, this spot provides an awesome chance at a rustic wilderness quest. Add a starry nighttime sky, along with eleven miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, plus a small inland lake, and you’ll feel miles away from the chaotic modern world.

And that’s my overview of the Door Peninsula state parks. As for Rock Island, man, the place just sounds cool! If any of these places sound equally alluring to you, go to the park’s online page and check out the details.

Safe Travels!

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