New Exhibits at the Neville

Of all local museums, I visit the Neville Public Museum, which resides in the heart of Green Bay’s downtown, the most. So, as I haven’t been there for awhile, and seeing how I didn’t have much cash to burn, I decided I’d blog on their temporary exhibits. I was totally caught off guard. There were tons of additions, inciting a pleasant dilemma: where to begin? The following photos, and words, are samples of what’s new at this local history museum.

With an exhibit featuring a ginormous scale model of Lambeau Field, comprised of 130,000 Legos and constructed by MSOE students

combined with a small exhibit on scientific reasoning,

plus excellent information on bees, highlighting how the little insects affect the economy, our diets and the environment, the first floor definitely starts a visit off right.

But my first floor perusal isn’t finished. A little further down, you’ll find a similar exhibit on birds, with interactive features on how to identify their colors and songs.

Lastly, set on this bottom floor, is an exhibit on germs. From how they’re spread to our white blood cells’ roles in destroying them, one can prepare for the next pandemic….relax, I’m just kidding. Actually, I’m not joking about the info though.

As we move upstairs, the real cool exhibit awaits.

It’s an exhibit on prehistoric sea creatures. From the famed mosasaurus

to car sized sea turtles,

these casts of skeletal remains can fascinate anyone.

Finally, we come to artistic interpretations of surrounding wildlife. These are exhibits that include commonplace items,


plus paintings and sculptures.

All in all, I was pretty impressed. Not only has the permanent exhibit received a recent overhaul, but the temporary exhibits are definitely more interesting than in prior years. There’s art, there’s fossils and there’s practical information awaiting a museum goer. I hope you will try to experience these attractions yourself.

Safe Travels.

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