Taking in Green at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, located in the downtown’s southwestern corner, is an unpretentious showcase of giant modern art sculptures. Set mostly on a spacious grassy expanse, one that hosts three hundred species of indigenous plant life, this picturesque park is ideal for a little relaxation and interpretation.

Do You know that feeling, while in a conversation, when you’re struggling for the perfect word to illustrate your sentiment – but it somehow doesn’t come…Yet, without articulating your emotions, thoughts or opinions, you sense the person you’re talking to understands what is left unsaid? That’s how I feel about some, and I stress the word ‘some’, pieces of art.

There’s that unspoken connection to the artist, and you can’t put it into words when studying a certain piece, yet, somehow, someway, you just understand it in a nonverbal way. A few sculptures, not all of them, set in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden hit me that way.

I know, I probably just overstated the obvious….art has always been a nonverbal form of communication. Yet, I hope you’ll excuse my unoriginal take, and, instead, decide whether this park is right for you.

The garden, as I’ve mentioned, sits on the edge of Minneapolis’ downtown, and it appears as if it does. With the local grasses, flowers, trees and shrubs, it almost feels as if you’re viewing the city from a tamed bit of rural scenery – with soulful communications highlighting the vistas.

The sculptures set along the way, from a weathered form of the word love,

to the iconic cherry on a spoon, dot the green landscape.

An arbor or two highlight the path for good measure.

And there’s some artistic architecture that meshes with the sculptures in the garden also.

Basically, with the Walker Art Center just across a lightly traveled street, those in the heart of Minneapolis, who are looking for a reprieve from concrete, glass, blacktop and steel, will adore the refreshing green of the sculpture garden.

Safe Travels!

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