Discovering What Built Minneapolis- Mill Ruins Park

Mill Ruins Park, which resides in downtown Minneapolis, gives testament to the St. Anthony Falls’ power. Situated on the western bank of the mighty Mississippi River, this park, denoting the flour mills’ significance, remains for any tourist who wonders what built this city- and turned it into a Midwestern Metropolis.

Along with the mills’ remnants, the Stone Arch Bridge, which is an old train bridge spanning over the river, proudly dominates the nearby landscape.

As an added bonus, the St Anthony Falls Lock and Dam, built by the Army Corps of Engineers, can amuse a visitor just as well.

My own take; I was slightly disappointed. There is very little stone work left to admire, which would signify the twenty some mills that once thrived along these river banks. To add to the dissatisfaction, although there are placards, I was unsure as to what I was surveying. It looked cool, although the images were marred by the faint scent of sewer.

As for the Stone Arch Bridge, it’s very cool-and appears to be in incredible shape. These days, it’s a biking and walking path across the river.

The St Anthony Falls Lock and Dam are also pretty cool to view. You can watch the water traverse downward, being where the falls once stood, and take in civil engineering at its pinnacle.

I should also make mention that these attractions are very close to the Mill City Museum, which will provide much more comprehensive information as to the importance of flour mills-not only to the city of Minneapolis- but to the entire region.

Safe Travels!

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