Our Stay at the Millennium Hotel Minneapolis and the Surrounding Area

As you may know, if you have read my last two posts, I’ve recently visited Minneapolis, Minnesota. I had planned this particular trip, at first, to participate in a triathlon that didn’t happen. So, since we had our hotel reservations, and my sis lives in the burbs, we decided we’d see the sights along with family. I mention all of this, in this lead in paragraph, to set the tone for my topic: my stay at the Millennium Hotel and the immediate surrounding area.

The hotel, itself, was perfect. The glaring exception, which kept this from being a five star stay, was that the parking ramp was pretty tore up due to construction; navigating the elevated lot was a little precarious. But hey, our lodging was priced at eighty bucks a night.

Of course, the low rate made Heidi very leery. I’ve stayed at the Millennium before, and knew it was quality lodging, but, since I’ve sacrificed quality for price in the past, Heidi was quite vocally nervous-thinking we’d end up in some trashy motel on the wrong side of town. She was very pleasantly surprised.

A couple more comments on the hotel, being that my accommodation choice is in the title. The room was, of course, very clean, the staff was prompt and courteous, although I don’t think housekeeping touched our room during our stay, and, taking into account that the hotel was situated downtown, the central location served our needs quite well.

There were even USB ports in the room, which were built into the alarm clock. I think Heidi thought the USB clock radio was a bit cheesy, but I felt it was clever. I mean, think of the overhead they saved, versus hiring an electrician and installing outlets in each room.

As for the area, we found a diner for breakfast, being a short five minute walk from the hotel. But more immediately accessible, we discovered a brew pub featuring food, drinks and entertainment derived from jolly ole England. And right across the street, an attractive plaza provided relaxation via the sound of falling water.

First off, Brit’s Pub offered things like Guinness, fish and chips plus a lawn to play croquet. Add the fact that a ginormous flat screen, set atop this roof sporting a grass field, displayed a soccer match or two, and we might have well been in London.

I mentioned the roof; it’s pretty spacious and can accommodate plenty of patrons. It’s also two tiered, and allows for a decent downtown view.

The interior of this establishment suits the title: Brit’s Pub.

Directly across from Brit’s Pub, lied manmade pools and waterfalls. And most of this stony park, known as Peavey Plaza, was set below street level. It was fun to meander towards the cascading water, admire the reflection pools and take in the city skyline.

And everything would have been perfect, but we did see several homeless individuals in said areas. A couple of instances, with a few questionable characters nearby, were cause for a bit of alarm, but absolutely nothing came from it.

So, if you’re thinking of the Millennium Hotel in Minneapolis, I’ve provided some highlights. Of course, as you may have read in my past two blogs, our stay involved so much more. Yet, a hotel’s surroundings definitely bolsters its value-especially if it’s located near noteworthy attractions. Peavey Plaza and Brit’s Pub probably won’t show up on any Minneapolis visitor’s guides, but they definitely left a positive impression on us.

Safe Travels!

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  1. My son is currently in medical school at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. We took him up there a year ago to get him settled in, but we really didn’t see the city. We did walk about the campus some, but it was during Covid, so mostly we were outside. I’m enjoying reading your posts about Minneapolis.

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