A Shout Out to Glass Nickel

One thing that can be said of us, I’m speaking of our American culture, would be that we love pizzas-well, most of us do. And seemingly, that cheesy pie loving majority never gets sick of them. But, let’s just say, hypothetically, one did get bored of the same old same old. Well, if that’s the case, don’t fret , there’s a franchise in Wisconsin that can cure that. You see, Glass Nickel Pizza offers a wide array of specialty pizzas. Its menu is a compilation of clever concoctions that stray from your typical pizza pie norm.

The location I visit, being that Glass Nickel Pizza restaurants are strewn about Wisconsin, sits on Dousman Street in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It resides in an unassuming structure a couple of blocks down from the Ray Nitschke Bridge. Those that know the city hail this downtown portion as the Broadway District.

And when you step inside this eatery, the ambiance screams trendy pizzeria. With contemporary music subtly wafting towards one’s ears, along with fun decor, Glass Nickel has that laid back, super comfortable feel. Add a small bar in one partition, which offers a wide array of alcoholic drinks, and your pizza quest setting is complete. A group, while devouring scrumptious pies, can simply unwind and discuss their latest endeavors.

As for the menu, which is the most important part, Glass Nickel Pizza offers a salad bar, pasta, subs, chicken and shrimp, appetizers and sides, plus, and most importantly, over 25 choices of specialty pizzas. One can choose from a Bacon Cheese Burger to Chicken Alfredo, or maybe a Caraway Rueben Burger, or better yet, a Boris Karloff…I can’t forget the Vegan and Vegitarian choices. I’ve had many of these pies and can attest to their quality and tastiness. I should also mention that you do have choices of crusts.

As for price, it’s actually fairly reasonable. There are three sizes to choose from: 10″, 14″ and 16″. The pricing starts at $12.95 for a 10″ up to $22.95 for a 16”. The largest I have indulged in is the 14″, and it’s an apt meal for a family of four.

When all is said and done, and you survey your tab on a full belly, I think you’ll be satisfied. Glass Nickel Pizza is good for a family outing, date night, a friendly get together or any other casual occasion one might encounter. And if you don’t want to go out, but maybe are intrigued by these interesting sounding contrivances, they deliver to the entire Green Bay Are- one can order both online and by phone. I know I’ll be back because, at least it seems like it anyway, they just keep adding new choices to their menu!

Safe Travels!

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