Five Wisconsin Destinations

Wisconsin is full of fun and interesting areas, and this post is going to feature a few. Basically, every spot highlighted showcases attributes that make it a stellar visit. For instance, they all have insightful museums, clean parks, novel shops, hip bars and trendy restaurants-plus, a little more. And the little more is what I’m going to focus on. What gives these destinations their unique Identity? I’ll do my best to fill you in.

Green Bay

Green Bay is a Mecca of sorts, especially for fans craving the communal feel of Lambeau Field. When I mention a communal feel, I mean that quite literally. Indeed, the Green Bay Packers’ organization is owned by the city, and the citizens do take pride in that fact. Many locations, residing in this town of 100,000 people, celebrate this iconic sports franchise, including the Packer Hall of Fame, the Titletown District, the Walk of Legends, and, of course, historic Lambeau Field. If you’re a football fan, no matter what team you root for, add this city to your bucket list.

Door County

Cherry Land has a few claims to fame. For starters, it’s a significant grower of Montmorency, or tart pie, cherries. But beyond that, along with the quaint towns nestled by the lake and bay, state and county parks show off this peninsula’s natural luster. Things like towering bluffs, lush green woodlands and clear waters make for excellent outdoor adventures.


This metropolitan is the largest city in Wisconsin. Besides two championship caliber sports teams, an excellent zoo, and the largest museums in the state, Milwaukee boasts some pretty iconic brewery tours. Two breweries, one belonging to Miller and the other to Pabst, are some of the oldest breweries in the country, and aptly gave Milwaukee its nickname: Brew Town.


Two characteristics define this unique town. The first would be politics, being that Madison is Wisconsin’s state capital. And the Capitol building is really something to see. The other, giving this town fun sporting venues, would be the UW campus. One could explore shops and museums around Capitol Square, and then root for Bucky in a collegiate contest.


My last choice hails in the Northwoods, owing its conception to logging. And rising from the flatland of the city, Rib Mountain dominates the nearby landscape. Apt for hiking and downhill skiing, this state park is picturesque any time of year. Outdoor enthusiasts will satiate their fresh air craving in this town.

Of course, there are some pretty popular spots I haven’t mentioned, mainly because I haven’t visited them in ages. The most glaring choice would be Wisconsin Dells, which happens to be filled with natural beauty and a large conglomeration of waterparks. One day I’ll ride a duck and chronicle the endeavor, but for now, I’ll leave you with the five other choices.

Don’t let this list discourage you from venturing other Wisconsin locales. The state is full of character, history and adventure. Like any other Wisonsinite, I’m truly proud to call this place my home!

Safe Travels!

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