A Shout Out to Canada!

So, here’s another post during my quarantine. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I really don’t have a lot to write about. That being said, I thought I’d mention an absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, outstanding, scenic…(all of those adjectives would best describe this area) place in Canada.

I remember driving into the province. Yes, I chose an entire Canadian Province. I was in a small ford pick up truck with my mother and sister, braving the ALCAN highway. I was returning from a stint in Alaska, one that had lasted three years. And though the wilderness in Alaska can sometimes be cause for awe, the sheer majesty of British Colombia is one that can blow someone away.

It’s been years, so my memories are a bit fuzzy. But I remember green mountains, wild horses, log jammed rivers and many other mind blowing sights. I don’t remember the towns really. I do recall the sensation I had while driving through the place. It seemed an untamed road that wound through the Garden of Eden’s remains.

Okay, that last sentence might be a bit over the top. But seriously, if you feel like an outdoor adventure outside the United States, try British Columbia. The place is absolutely stunning!

Safe Travels!

9 responses to “A Shout Out to Canada!”

  1. I would love to visit Canada – once the border opens up! Are you familiar with any paved bike trails – in the mid-west – or really anywhere? We just bought e-bikes and are on the look out for these trails. What we’d really like to do is camp with our travel trailer (need full hook ups) where we can ride right out to the trail. I mention all this just in case you are looking for ideas to write about…

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