Now I’m Daydreaming

So, hopefully this will be my last post under quarantine. Some thoughts, particularly ones that come under the duress of a potentially deadly disease, can amaze oneself. When my symptoms were at their height, I thought of what I hadn’t accomplished yet. I was aware some ruminations were bouncing around in my head, others not so much.

I think the most significant things unsettling my brain, besides never having had a family, were the facts that I had never set foot in either Africa or Europe. I desperately want to see Europe. So, today, I’ll list five things I would love to do in Europe.

Sip Wine and Nibble Pasta in a Seaside Italian town

Florence, Venice and Rome are no brainers. But here’s the problem with that: besides the treasure trove of history that accompanies those ancient cities, they’re probably some of the biggest tourist draws on the planet. And really, when you’re on vacation, do you actually want to fight the crowd for the perfect selfie or photo of an iconic attraction. Man, I’d just like to soak up the culture of Italy in some quiet obscure town set on the ocean.

Attend a Bundesliga Game in Frieburg, Germany

I’ve recently discovered that I can actually appreciate soccer. Well…it depends on the team and league. Lately, and I don’t know if it’s because I’ve only witnessed a small sample size, but I’ve been blown away by the competitiveness of the top German soccer league. There’s a place, near Germany’s southwestern border, that sits among the Black Forest. Frieburg isn’t the top team in the league, but its small twenty thousand person stadium begs me to visit.

Drink a Pint in Ireland…or England.

If you have read my posts before, and with regularity, you might have discovered that I like beer. Not only do I like beer, I crave a top notch atmosphere to drink my brew. It gets no better, as far as I’m concerned, outside of the German Brewhouses, than an old pub in the UK. I long for the history, comraderie and, of course, the coziness of such a spot.

Attend A Bullfight in Madrid...or Barcelona

I know, bullfighting is cruel. But the matadors are pretty brave, and I think I might enjoy watching the sport once before my passing. Such an ancient sport, set in an equally aged venue, appeals to the side of me that appreciates those that came before me. And I’ve heard that some competitions have been altered to spare the bull.

Hike the Swiss Alps.

I would have said ski the Swiss Alps, but I’m nearing fifty. However, I believe I’ll definitely be spry enough to hike for a few more years. I’ve seen other bloggers chronicle this portion of the world. I long for that experience with every bit of my being. What word would best depict it? Beautiful? Majestic? Breathtaking? From the pictures I’ve seen, those words would suffice- and about fifteen other adjectives would give you a much broader scope!

So there’s a small list of things I would love to do in Europe. There are other things that I’ve left off, mainly because they’re things everyone wants to do. I mean, go to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, or the Louvre in Paris, or see the Tower of London. Basically, I seriously think I could spend a year in Europe and still not be totally satisfied. But these five objectives are definitely a good starting point.

Safe Travels!

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