Game Day Weekend at Lambeau Field

Football season is finally upon us! So, grab a beer, crank the stadium anthems, kick back and enjoy the game. Or, maybe, with the rapidly approaching game close at hand, you were lucky enough to have secured a few tickets for you and your family…or group of friends. If that’s the case, don’t simply make it a three hour event. If you’re a Packer fan, take in the aura of Lambeau Field, and its surroundings. There, tons of fun exploits lie in wait. I’ve decided, since the Packers’ first home game, which is only about a week away, is a huge date on Green Bay’s calendar, that I would feature activities and places that can make the game a full weekend celebration.

Lambeau Field

First off, let’s start off with Lambeau field. Here, in this historic venue, grid iron lore meshes with state of the art amenities seamlessly. And one can get a field level view, as they march through the team’s tunnel, during a stadium tour.

After that, a brief overview, showcasing over one hundred years of Title Town legends, enlightens the curious fan at the Packer Hall of Fame.

If you crave a souvenir, the Packer Pro Shop will satiate that need for a keepsake- sporting just about anything that can boast the Packer logo.

Of course, making the Lambeau Field pregame visit complete, the 1919 Kitchen and Tap offers choice beer and an eclectic menu.

The Title Town District

But beyond Lambeau field, other gathering places urge the pigskin fan to indulge in trendy atmospheres. Spots inside the Title Town district create fun filled memories the moment you bound through their doors.

If you crave freshly brewed beer in a hip, upscale spot, Hinterland Brewery would be your choice. They also offer a full menu.

Sporting the best view around Lambeau field, the Kohler Lodge’s Tavern in the Sky is fitted with a fashionable vantage of the iconic stadium.

Or maybe, you could have soup and sandwiches at Forty-Six below.

Better yet, take your turn at life-like simulators at the Turn restaurant Lounge.

And if you just simply want to pass the time, a multitude of free activities lie in wait,

including a children’s playground

and a life sized artificial turf football field.

The Stadium District

Last, but certainly not least, if one feels a bit rowdy, there are raucous party spots jamming in the Stadium District. Many of these fun, boisterous hang outs offer live music before or after the game. Have a few drinks on their patio, and let Green Bay’s football town vibe resonate within your being. There are many great choices, like Anduzzi’s

and The Bar.

If you want to catch a glimpse of Lambeau Field while celebrating, you might try D2 Sports Bar and Grill

or, better yet, Stadium View.

If those choices don’t sound fun, and you’d like some Wisconsin style craft beer, you could hang out in Badger State Brewing Company’s beer garden. In spots, the stadium’s Packer logo peeks over the patio’s fence.


Man, after all that, I, myself, am looking forward to the festival that is opening day in Green Bay. Okay, it’s not actually a festival, but the electric atmosphere that resonates around Lambeau Field can charge one’s soul. And don’t worry if you’ve come to root for the opposition. Here, in Packer Land, we receive football fans with open arms.

Safe Travels!

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