A Few Spots in Milwaukee

If you’re looking for an authoritative voice, one that can tell you all about Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I’m not it. However, I love venturing into this buzzing metropolitan, and I have my favorite haunts. So, I’m going to list a few spots, should you be visiting for the first time, that just might pique your interest.

The Miller Brewing Company

First off, let’s stray from down town for a second, and stroll among a place known as the Miller Brewing Company. This brewer has stood for over 160 years, and Miller lets its visitors tour the factory for free. You can glimpse the bottling plant,

the warehouse,

the brew kettles and lauter tons

and, last but definitely not least, you can venture through the 19th century ice caves.

When the tour is finished, you’re seated in a trendy beer garden and handed two ice cold Miller products.

The Milwaukee Art Museum

A little towards the east, located on Milwaukee’s lakefront, you’ll find the ultra cool architecture of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

And just as luring, when you meander its interior, you’ll discover works of art spanning a few thousand years.

From ancient cultures

to renaissance pieces

and fun modern renderings as well,

this place just might surprise the art lover.

Sporting Events

Along with Art, Milwaukee has two top notch sports franchises. One team recently conquered the rest of the NBA to become league champions. The other, as it stands right now, is going to be their division’s best in Major League Baseball. Whatever your choice, Brewers or Bucks, baseball or basketball, the city has a couple quality teams to root for.

And the venues, such as the Fiserv Forum

and American Family Field

are both state of the art places to hold a contest.

The Milwaukee Brat House

Of course, I have to throw a restaurant into the mix. This particular place resides on old world third street, an apt address for the establishment.

Residing in a dated building, and serving a German favorite, the Milwaukee Brat House features an excellent staff and even better Bratwurst. The German sausages are prepared in a few delicious choices, such as the Mill Town Classic, the Cheddar Jalapeno, a German Style and, celebrating the Bucks’ superstar, the Greek Freak adds a hometown twist.

Wash it down with a beer brewed in Milwaukee, and you’ll have some Cream City culture running through your veins.

The Brewery District

If you want to experience trendy, with Victorian Era industry mixed in, you can try the Brewery District. There, places like the Milwaukee Brewing Company offer a hip spot to sip beer.

However, you could also enjoy a brew, while relaxing amongst the 1858 Best Place’s shadows, in an aged beer garden.

Or simply enjoy the dated structures of one of the oldest Brewing Companies in America: the Pabst Brewing Company.

Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure you’ll find it worth while. Heck, I didn’t even mention the Deer District or the State Fair and Summer Fest grounds. Basically, should you decide to visit, I’m sure Miltown…or should I say Brew Town…or maybe the Cream City, Whatever you want to call this Midwestern metropolitan, the residents will be glad you stopped!

Safe Travels!

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