Dining at Hagemiester Park

If you’re looking for a Green Bay hangout, one that celebrates the green and gold, Hagemeister Park might be your choice. This eatery leans on history, getting its name from the setting of Green Bay’s first football contest, occurring in 1895. Not only does it sport a lot of historic photos, this place has a ton of style. So, today, I figured I’d write a small feature on this spot.

The brewpub resides in Green Bay’s downtown, right along the east bank of the Fox River. If you can’t parallel park in front of the eatery, there is a parking ramp and a public lot nearby. And, if you’re a Packer fan, strolling from the vibrant Washington Street walks, when you cross the threshold you understand that the Green Bay Packers are a historic force.

There’s some old team photos,

trendy ambiance galore

and a view of the establishment’s spacious patio.

If it’s a nice day, and you choose to dine alfresco, the open air of Green Bay’s down town might make for a refreshing meal.

You could enjoy a view of the Ray Nitschke Bridge, along with the meandering waters of the Fox River,

watch boats with jovial riders

or get a beer at a hip and fun patio bar.

When I’m finished with my beer, as I enjoy the boats gallivanting along the river’s surface, I’m struck by the vibrance of the setting. The sun lent a hand in striking a tone, yet the souls I encounter, as I watch bikers, dog walkers, lovers and fun seekers pass by on the City Deck, spark pleasant emotions within my own being. And when you’re going to dine out, isn’t that the type of atmosphere you’re seeking?

Safe Travels!

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