Taverne in the Sky

When you think of Green Bay’s gridiron legends, what do you think of? You probably picture some pretty gritty images, maybe a mud soaked jersey worn by a man with a dribble of blood trickling from his nose. And those are real concrete images of past players. It actually symbolizes this small town. But, wait…hang on a second…Green Bay can be classy too. Today, I’ll give you proof. There are some pretty stylish establishments, fun places like Taverne in the Sky, that are a testament to Green Bay’s refined side.

Taverne in the Sky is perched atop Kohler Lodge’s fifth floor, the lodge being a pretty fashionable accommodation in itself. This hotel is situated on South Ridge Road, just across the street from Lambeau Field. If you consider the lodge’s location, coupled with the bar’s fifth floor placement, there is no better view of Green Bay’s iconic football venue than inside this elegant spot.

When you walk in, surmising the background of the bar, with plate glass windows yielding a view of the stadium, you’ll be hit with a bit of sensation. High-class meets a black and blue culture, in a mutigenerational Wisconsin gathering point, right here. The prices might be a tad higher, but, actually, I’d be slightly disappointed if they weren’t. The place simply implies an affluent clientele. Yet don’t sweat it if you’re thrifty, make it a spot for a special occasion.

In its dining room, fitted with two walls worth of plate glass windows, you’ll have a few menu choices.

Taverne in the Sky features a lunch, dinner, game day breakfast, kids and dessert menu. Add over one hundred selections of bottled wine,

a few craft beers and a creative cocktail list, and one can wash down those choice entrees pleasantly.

Of course, since it’s called Taverne in the Sky, one can sip beer in the barroom’s upscale atmosphere,

or, better yet, sit on a balcony patio.

As you take in Title Town from above, you’ll be able to drink with the football gods..okay, that was cheesy and over the top. But, really, the view is pretty awesome!

In closing, that’s pretty much all I have to say about this place. Really, one sentence sums it up; Taverne in the Sky is a high-class joint overlooking Lambeau Field!

Safe Travels!

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