Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery

I’ve written a few posts that have touted Milwaukee’s brewing history. Thanks to the Chicago Fire of 1871, this town, set right on the Lake Michigan shoreline, became the brewing capital of the United States, heck, maybe the world. I won’t get into Milwaukee’s surge to beer making prominence; I just wanted to make sure that you know about this legendary beer brewing city. My reason for bringing this up is because, within the last twenty-five years or so, microbreweries have been stealing the limelight from the beer giants. And Milwaukee has a few decent spots that adhere to this new industrial trend. My choice, at least most recently, was the Lakefront Brewery.

I love Lakefront’s building selection. It served as the powerplant for the Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company starting in 1908. And while that’s pretty cool, my favorite bit about the building is simply the shell. Cream colored bricks serve as both the interior and exterior of this historic building. What’s so big about that? Nothing really, I guess, except that Milwaukee has been known, besides the moniker of Brew Town, as the Cream City. The cream colored bricks, ones that comprise many of Milwaukee’s historic downtown buildings, earned that nickname.

But enough with semantics. What I really wanted to do, being that I had a full day to spend in Milwaukee, was enjoy a beer in a historic building. And with a spacious beer hall,

along with a fashionable bar,

and a novel gift shop,

I was able to do just that.

Lakefront Brewery distributes their beers to Green Bay stores. That being said, I’ve purchased Lakefront’s products from local Grocers, so I know that their brews are quality. Inside this taproom, if you take into account their seasonal concoctions, the brewery offers twenty-five different beers over the course of a year.

The brewery also sports a restaurant, which serves customers via a walk up counter. Along with a Friday fish fry menu, Lakefront offers a daily selection. Choices include salads, appetizers, select entrees, sausages, handhelds and soups.

Of course, there is a cool patio where one can relax, and that’s where Heidi and I sipped our River West Steins.

You can sit on chairs facing the Milwaukee River and enjoy a view of a Bridge,

watch boats meander along the waters,

lounge on an attractive slab of concrete

and take in a cool view of the city,

I had mentioned that the microbrewery trend is about twenty five years old. Actually, I’ve read that Lakefront Brewery got its start in 1987. So, this place is relatively aged compared to other craft beer breweries around the state. Heidi and I really enjoyed our beer on the patio. It was probably the most relaxing portion of our day in Milwaukee.

Safe Travels!

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