Eating Burgers in an Old Brick Building.

Are you adventurous enough for a burger known as the Widow Maker? How about a patty topped with egg, washed down with a barrel aged brew? Look, here’s my humble opinion; craft beer and craft burgers are an excellent combination. Heck, it mixes two integral pieces of Americana. And while that may be enough to draw me through an establishment’s doors, the allure multiplies exponentially when it’s set inside a classy, historic brick building. And that’s basically what De Pere’s Brick House Craft Burgers & Brews is!

The historic building I speak of was known as the Hotel Roffers, which was established in 1912. One might say, “Great research, Chris! Very interesting.” Actually, I must confess, there’s a ginormous sign mounted on the main dining room’s brick wall. In bold print, it basically says what I just told you.

Since this structure was once a hotel, there’s quite a bit of space. Inside this defunct accommodation, I found a small game room.

Next to it, the second floor dining area, which is bordered with red brick and trimmed with wood, definitely harkens to days of old. Did people use the word harken in 1912, or was that earlier?

While downstairs, amongst a spacious hall, one can choose a booth,

sit at a bar,

or choose an ordinary dining table.

Oh, if it’s a warm day, an expansive patio awaits.

As for the menu, I’ll start off with the beers. I discovered about twenty craft beers on tap, and about fifty choices in bottles and cans. Ciders, seltzers and sours are also included for those who want something slightly different. Also, if beer doesn’t happen to be your thing, there’s an extensive selection of cocktails and wines to choose from. I think the drink list was about six pages long…I’m not kidding.

Of course, along with the drinks, you’ll find a great menu. And, of the craft burgers, you can try a burger so hot they named it the Widow Maker. You’ll also find burgers featuring bleu cheese and dressing; one happens to be topped with egg; another choice is mac ‘n’ cheese with beef; there’s also patties made from elk and other delicious sounding, or, at least, eye brow raising concoctions. And if none of these sound appealing, you can build your own savory beef sandwich.

Okay, let’s say you’re not a burger lover, relax, there are plenty of other tantalizing choices to delve into. You’ll have appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts to opt for. Also, on Friday, fried fish is awaiting the traditional Green Bay area native.

After we had ordered some craft beverages. Heidi had gone the fish fry Friday route.

I, on the other hand, tried my luck with the Widow Maker.

But before these scrumptious dishes reached our tables, in an attempt to tide us over, the waitress brought out a platter of complimentary pickle slices.

There were three varieties to choose from, including bread and butter.

When we were finished, as the service had been prompt and our food arrived quickly, I was satisfied with a bill registering a shade under forty dollars. The setting, the food, the prices and the service were all factors that have me leaning towards a return visit. My only gripe was the gas my spicy burger rendered…or would that have been Heidi’s only gripe? Anyhoo….

Safe Travels!

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