Some Great Burger Joints

Why do many restaurants adhere to culinary trends? Are they oblivious to the red blooded, blue collared, middle aged male? My own personal take: most upscale eateries boast awesome aesthetics, but such places should lose the half-cooked, or sometimes raw, overpriced food. Instead, why not serve something that’s wholly American? A good burger, maybe a side of fries, and a tasty beer to wash it down is about as good as it gets. So, this week, if you’re in the Green Bay area, I figured I’d highlight a few restaurants that registered high in that regard.

Now, if you’re in Green Bay, there are probably a hundred spots to get a burger and beer. Well, a hundred might be an exaggeration, but I’m not going to research bars, eateries and the like to find an exact number. I know, I started of by complaining about restaurants following trends, and not serving burgers, now I just turned around and said you can find one anywhere. But what I want is a trendy spot, some place that would dazzle the senses, where burgers are showcased. That being said, some of the following hip spots happen to be my favorites. They are, after all, my own personal hang outs.

Stadium View

This place offers a lot of entertainment, not to mention a few bars and a substantial view of Lambeau Field. Sporting a full menu, with a few burgers that celebrate Stadium District teams, being that the pro teams play at the nearby Resch Center, Stadium View will definitely satiate the need for beef and brew.

Among a few choices, you’ll find a Gambler Burger, which combines brat and beef patties. You’ll also find a beef patty, topped with onion rings, known as the Blizzard Burger.

Fox Harbor

Set inside an old hotel, one that resides along the Fox River’s eastern bank, Fox Harbor is a cool spot for a burger. This eatery, like Stadium View, offers a full menu. When it comes to burgers, there are a couple of eyebrow raising sandwiches. You could try a Bloody Mary Burger, or a Farmer Burger topped with egg, or how about a Cajun Turkey Burger.

And if it’s warm outdoors, a first come first serve patio allows for a great alfresco dining experience.

Mr. Brew’s Tap House

My only gripe, when I think about this gastro pub, is its Green Bay location. It’s literally housed in a strip mall. However, since this place doesn’t have a full menu, the focus happens to be on Mr. Brew’s craft burgers. And they are delish. There are choices like the Kentucky Bourbon Burger, one topped with peanut butter and yet another covered with guacamole.

I should also mention that the bar features fifty beers on tap.

Brick House Burgers and Brews

This is my new favorite; I actually wrote about it on Sunday. This place, like Fox Harbor, takes residence in an old hotel. There are a few menu options here , plus fried fish on Friday.

Yet their money makers, burgers like the Widow Maker, Elk El Jefe Burger and Blueberry Bison burger will definitely grab someone’s attention. Top that off with about twenty brews on tap, with about fifty available in bottle or can, and it makes for a rocking meal.

In closing, no matter where you go in Green Bay, at least with in reason, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with their burgers and beer. Add Wisconsin nice service, service with promptness and a neighborly attitude, and you’ll love these choices!

Safe Travels!

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