The Door County Historical Museum

This post may seem a little unseasonal, and, truth be told, it actually is. That’s because, starting the day after Halloween, the Door County Historical Museum will be closed until next May. Yet, if you’re heading toward the peninsula for some fall foliage, this might be a fun little pitstop.

The exterior of this Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Museum is very misleading. From the street, the building looks like a quaint stone structure the size of a pioneer cabin. However, what you see from the road, minus the firehouse, is actually the entrance. While not expansive, the amount of space inside is deceptive. And this little museum holds quite a few relics particular to Door County’s history.

I started off in the firehouse, where I was dazzled by shiny red fire engines,

a pump wagon,

and an exhibit on the county’s fire departments.

And that would have been cool enough, but, much to my surprise, there were quite a bit more to see. I found artifacts such as horse drawn sleighs,

a jail cell,

and, on slightly morbid note, an elegant horse drawn hearse…maybe the reason for the jail cell?

When I was finished at the firehouse, I was satisfied with today’s choice. This was better than I had expected, and it was about to get better. I made my way upstairs to an abundance of exhibits. Many of these well displayed remnants highlighted the county. Two, in particular, piqued my interest, both celebrated the county’s well established Montmorrencey cherry industry.

First came the tools,

then I found a fun little orchard stand.

Along with that, still residing upstairs, there was a shanty representing recreational pursuits involving cold weather.

Also, right next to the shanty, I spied tools belonging to Ice House workers.

This second story actually held more, including Door County folk art, an Exhibit paying homage to Chief Oshkosh and a feature on fish boils.

After scanning countless grey matter morsels, I headed downstairs. This would be the final leg in my peninsula time excursion. When I descended towards the lower floor, I found a main street scene, filled with old city shops and businesses.

Along with that, I discovered exhibits on logging,

blacksmith shops

and, finally, displays on farming implements and dairies.

What I have shown you today is only a glimpse of what the Door County Historical Museum holds. Heck, I didn’t even mention the military, stone fireplace and animal exhibits. The one thing that’s missing is the maritime lore. But rest assured, plenty of that is lying across the bridge, inside the Door County Maritime Museum. My point is, with no entrance fee, this little testament of the Door Peninsula’s history is fun and enlightening. I definitely suggest it!

Safe Travels!!

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