Strolling About the Northwoods

I guess northern Wisconsin is known as the Northwoods. It’s actually a very apt title. When you traverse Highways 41 and 141, along the state’s northeastern most portion, you’ll discover that farm land yields to dense woodlands. Also, the people population is pretty scant, causing a relaxing retreat for many southern dwelling Wisconsinites. So Heidi and I, in what seemed like a no-brainer, being that fall colors had begun to arrive, visited the Northwoods town of Crivitz, and two of the nearby state preserves.

The two state preserves I speak of are Governor Earl Peshtigo River State Forest and Governor Thompson State Park. These two state lands abut one another, lying about twenty minutes from the village of Crivitz. While venturing these parks, we discovered splashes of fall colors, which accented grassy hiking trails amongst a dense forest. We didn’t hike a long distance; bugs were still a factor, and the unseasonable heat made it slightly uncomfortable. But what we did see was definitely a treat.

I’ll start off with Governor Thompson State Park. Along 2,800 acres of wooded terrain, you’ll find fairly scenic hiking and skiing trails. Also, as its a short drive from the visitors center, we found Woods Lake,

a few rustic buildings along its shore

and a cool beach.

Like I had mentioned, our hike was pretty short. We ambled the otter trail, which is approximately a one mile jaunt.

I should mention, Governor Thompson State Park also features family camping and a boat launch.

After our brief stop, we proceeded towards Governor Earl Peshtigo River State Forest. Since we were in the middle of nowhere, our cell service was spotty-so finding the tract of land wasn’t easy. We did find the preserve’s campground however. And with that, a short trail encompassing a small inland lake.

Governor Earl Peshtigo River State Forest is, as you might guess, a 12,400 acre woodland along the Peshtigo River. This relatively new state forest was established in 2001.

One word, as we wound through the lands, and then found a few taverns, lodges, restaurants and cabins while driving, sums up our journey: RELAXATION. It was also a stroll through memory lane for Heidi, whose grandparents owned a cabin along the Peshtigo River. For me, it was fun to meander this laid back area and admire its pristine wooded area.

Safe Travels!

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