Five Wisconsin State Parks

I haven’t visited every one of Wisconsin’s 66 state parks. Yet, I have been to some pretty awesome nature showcases, showcases that sport awe inspiring features, and they reside within the Badger State. The five parks listed here can satisfy desires such as beach going, hiking, biking or, as each one may include this draw, a good bout of sightseeing. In this entry, while other similarly breathtaking parks may exist, I’ll illustrate Dairyland leisure havens that won’t disappoint.

Newport State Park

I’ll start off with a Door County state park known as Newport State Park. This 2,300 acre rustic area is set on the northeastern tip of the Door Peninsula. It boasts 13 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. Since it is situated some distance from any substantial towns, villages or cities, it has been designated as an International Dark Sky Park. This simply means, if you camp in a rustic park campsite, a dazzling summer night sky, one that is cram packed with stars, will enchant you.

If you combine the unpolluted night sky with shoreline hikes, an inland lake and pristine forests, this tract of land grants magical affairs with nature.

High Cliff State Park

Another great park, lying to the south, being a bit east of most Fox Valley communities, is known as the 1,187 acre High Cliff State Park. As you might guess, prodigious bluffs, which are members of the Niagara Escarpment, rise above the the park’s low lying lands. In addition to that, one can hike along effigy mounds, which are the result of ancient American’s crafty work, leaving one wondering about these dirt sculptures intended purposes. Along with hiking, which offers some awesome scenery, biking is also allowed in the park.

Add Lake Winnebago, as it stretches from a swath of grass near the cliff’s base, and many water sports become other park going activities.

Kohler-Andrea State Park

If you’re a beach goer, you’ll love 988 acre Kohler-Andrea State Park. Its two-mile beach, with giant grassy dunes slumping behind it, runs along Lake Michigan’s western edge. There is also a wooded area here, so family camping is available. But what’s really great about this place, considering its main draw, is that you can walk boardwalks, which course over dunes, and immerse yourself in these ginormous sand mounds.

And if you’re wondering, Kohler-Andrae is actually two separate parks, yet they’re managed as one. So, I’ll treat them as such, and they’ll share their spot on my list.

Peninsula State Park

Next up is another Door County State Park. Set on a Lake Michigan bay, it allows for water sports and beach going. It also grants uplifting hiking and biking expeditions. Of course, as this park happens to be the third largest Wisconsin state park, camping opportunities are plentiful.

Throw in novelties, such as a handicapped friendly tower and an 1860’s lighthouse, not to mention an outdoor amphitheater, and, of this list, this park wins the title for most activities.

Devil’s Lake State Park

Finally, in south central Wisconsin, resting at the base of giant crumbling hills, you’ll find a small lake known as Devil’s Lake.

This 9,700 acre state park, of the same name, offers excellent hiking and biking excursions, not to mention beach going fun and paddling endeavors. Of course, camping is also an option. This happens to be Wisconsin’s largest and most popular park.

In coming years, and I’m sure it will be the case, this list will change. For now, my exploits reside mainly in the eastern portion of the state. And this list is, of course, very subjective. There are parks I omitted that leave me second guessing myself. But, anyways, I wanted to whittle my favs down to five. And if you’re in Wisconsin, these places will not disappoint.

Safe Travels!

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