Hartman Creek State Park

Encompassed in a forest, one of predominately sky reaching pines, you’ll find a chain of three serene lakes. Along with the pines, you’ll find oaks, maples and birches, set on glacially carved terrain. That, along with activities, such as camping, beach going, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, picnicking plus self propelled boating, make up the 1,147 acre Hartman Creek State Park.

Hartman Creek State Park is located in the east central part of Wisconsin. I had mentioned that the woodlands were predominately pines, at least it seemed like it to me, yet, there were enough hardwoods to lend a touch of autumn to our hikes. The highlights of this place, from my humble point of view, are the vistas, which mix both rugged forests and peaceful waters.

But, along with that, you’ll find the Hellestad House, which was a Norwegian immigrant’s tiny log home.

You’ll also find a small dam,

where the water is metered into a meandering creek.

Like I had mentioned, along with a plethora of other leisure activities, Hartman Creek offers picnicking. Actually, the picnic areas, especially this one, with a forest floor bedded with brown pine needles , situated right on the banks of Allen Lake, might offer the most uplifting picnic spots I’ve ever encountered.

There is also this one, residing on the eastern shore of Hartman Lake.

We did venture the hilly Deer Path Trail, which hugged the edges of Allen Lake. I loved the hike, and, though it was a bit tricky, Heidi and I completed the loop unscathed.

We enjoyed views of the lake,

interesting terrain,

and a connection with nature.

Finally, If you take a short car drive, you’ll find Hartman lake. With that, a small beach offers woodland lake fun.

Lastly, on the same lake, we discovered this amphitheater.

As I wrap this post up, pondering all the pine in the area, I’m reminded of loggers. Pine was very much a popular tree for such harvests. Yet, when I traverse this slightly rugged landscape, which is graced with placid waters, a sense of both peace and adventure simultaneously grip my soul. And in my intro, I had mentioned so many activities, yet I’ve left off others – such as skiing and snowmobiling. My point is, if you feel like venturing some outdoor activities, and want a great woodlands stage to perform them on, Hartman Creek might be your answer.

Safe Travels!

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