A Pit Stop at Arbuckle’s

Stevens Point is a college town situated in Wisconsin’s east central portion, and it boasts a population of approximately 27,000 people. Among other features, which Wiconsinites’ recognize this city for, there is a venerable brewery that bears the name ‘Point’. However, our stop, and my topic for today, will simply focus on a college town favorite: a restaurant specializing in pizza and beer. During her academic days, Heidi loved this place, and consequently, last Saturday, wondered if it still survived. So much so, that we drove thirty five minutes out of our way, venturing toward today’s subject, known as Arbuckle’s, and its casual dining atmosphere.

Arbuckle’s resides on Strongs Ave, which runs perpendicular to a nearby Shopko parking lot. I mention the parking lot, as it might seem unnecessary, because this small city street, featuring many bars and shops, lacks adequate roadside parking. And it’s really not a long walk from Shopko.

When we stepped into a comfortable and vibrant buzz, I sensed a wealth of positive vibes. We did have to wait to be seated, but that pause lasted for about a minute. Following the hostess, we found ourselves tucked in a wooden corner booth, and, since this place featured a ton of viewing screens, we practically had a large TV to ourselves.

Along with a drink list, I found a promotion labeled the marathon of beers. Now that’s an endurance race I’ll participate in any day. This light weight may not finish, but I’ll definitely give it a go! The marathon consists of 26 specialty beers, and one NA-the NA is the extra .2. If you complete the challenge, preferably not in one day, Arbuckle’s will give you some awesome rewards.

When we received our menus, we discovered a lot more than pizza. Accompanying some delectable sounding pies, there were appetizers, soups, salads, wraps, burgers and sandwiches. We opted for a deluxe pizza, which came with five toppings, ones that we could choose ourselves. But better yet, Heidi talked me into a large order of an appetizer, an appetizer topped with mozzarella, known as Italian Fries.

When the final tally was rung, keeping in mind a well deserved tip, our bill was around fifty dollars. The pizza was worth it. Between the two of us, considering we embarked on a fully loaded 14” pizza, this is what was left.

When we left Arbuckle’s, Heidi explained that Italian fries, our choice of appetizer, was her comfort food. On disastrous days, Arbuckle’s was a place of solace. And twenty some odd years later, with the atmosphere, service, beer and food, I understand why.

Safe Travels!

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