My Favorite Events

It seems as if events are everywhere. There are celebrations and happenings springing up all the time; it’s simply a question of which ones to attend. Which brings me to my rather random list, a list which highlights my favorite get togethers from the past few years. I’m by no means stating that these are the best, yet, for me, I wouldn’t have skipped today’s chosen features for the world.

Major League Baseball Games

The Milwaukee Brewers are my favorite Major League Baseball team, they have been since I was nine. And when you go to a game, taking in the lights, fireworks, mascots, music and roars of the crowd, those three hours of competition will liven your soul. Of course, if you visit American Family Field, home of my Milwaukee Brewers, you can’t forget food items such as brats, nachos, chorrizos and, of course, hotdogs. Yeah, it’s as much a culinary adventure as it is a professional sports spectacle. In addition to the food, there are also great alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages to consume. Oh, the Brewers are a pretty awesome team too!

EAA Airventure

From state of the art military jets, to fun hobbyist aircraft, the EAA Airventure, which takes place in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, sports a ton of interesting airborne vehicles. Add vendors, simulators and food galore, and it’s a festival worth the price of admission. Oh, by the way, there are a ton of thrilling airshows, ones that will keep your eyes glued to the sky.

Hamilton-national tour

I just wrote about this event, and it’s electrifying. I admit, before I went, I pretty much had this musical memorized. Yet, an event on stage, especially a sight so elaborately coordinated, has a certain energy that can’t be replicated in your living room. What I’m trying to say is, with a great venue, excellent cast and beverages to tickle the taste buds, this three hour show will charge your being.

The Hollow at Phantom Lake

This event is pretty specific, located in the corner of southeastern Wisconsin, more to the point, in a small community known as Mukwonago. At this YMCA camp, which has been transformed into eerie forests and fields, being settings for pumpkins which are now intricately carved orbs. a sense of magic and spookiness will overcome your soul. However, you can leave out the jump scares-it’s simply a setting for Halloween mystique. Add cotton candy, hot apple cider and cocoa, and it’s a very fun family event.

A Packer Game

Can you tell that I’m somewhat of a sports fan? Yes, I’ve listed two sporting events in this post. And a Packer game, set in a historic venue, a venue that every football fan recognizes, is as about as cool as it gets. With Lambeau field’s bleachers, not seats, you’ll get a sense of old fashioned. However, this bowl like stadium boasts some very state of the art features. Of course, tailgating, a pregame event where fans grill in the parking lot, adds a festive vibe to each and every home game. Along with that, the Packers a pretty damn good team too!

There’s my list, I know, it’s all over the place. But, if you’re looking for something to do, now, or in the future, as a couple of these events are not going on right at this time, my suggestions might spark an idea. Each of these that I have mentioned, especially while I write about them, has me yearning to experience it another time. So, now, seeing how I’ve spent my fair share of dough lately, I’ll just suggest them to you – hoping I’ve mentioned something that might brighten your life.

Safe Travels!

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