Kewaunee Fisheries Facility

Sometimes, when you observe nature’s workings, it seems almost ridiculous to deny God’s existence. Take coho salmon for instance. They hatch in a river bed, and, after a period of three to four years, during fall, return to that very same spot, where they mate and die. That cycle has went undisturbed for ages. But, sometimes, man upsets the balance and has to correct his interferences, that’s where a fishery comes into play.

Basically, what this fishery does is harvest the spawning salmon. From what I understand, these operators euthanize the fish, take the female’s eggs and care for them till they produce young fish. It’s basically a good way to manage the salmon population. This ensures enough game for sportsman, and a balanced crop for Lake Michigan’s ecosystem. And I believe the meat is sold for consumption.

The fishery is located in Wisconsin’s Kewaunee County, near a small place known as Footbridge. This area is picturesque, sporting many areas to view these pretty large fish. You can watch the salmon jump against the current,

climb the ladder, which is a series of jumps, towards the fishery’s pond

or just take in the dam,

and the beautiful scenery encompassing the Kewaunee River.

On this little escapade, I was accompanied by a good portion of my extended family. It felt good to share this moment, especially with those dearest to my heart. The little ones gawked at the giant fish, and the older children actually taught me a thing or two.

Safe Travels!

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