Fun Indoor Places

Well, it’s coming-and many simply detest it. I’m talking about colder temps, and with that, inhospitable weather. Don’t get me wrong, fun in the snow is something I love. But what about those days when you can’t go skiing, skating, snowboarding, snowmobiling…man I could keep on going about Wisconsin winter sports, but I know that you caught my drift…get it? Drift, like snow drift. Anyways, since winter is close at hand, I thought I would feature some indoor winter adventures, you know, when conditions may not favor outdoor activities. Since I’m from Green Bay, I’ve chosen some places in northeastern Wisconsin.

Let’s Start With A Bar….

I’ll start off with a no brainer. At least, for me, as I advance in age, looking back on my childhood, arcades have always been a winter go to. It’s just now, as I’ve become older, establishments have incorporated beer in their classic arcades. PLAYER 2 is pretty genuine, featuring top notch pinball machines, vintage arcade games and other fun ways to compete with friends. Add craft beer, food and mixers, and you might just remember the night for a while. I know of two locations in northeast Wisconsin; Downtown Appleton and Downtown Green Bay.

Area Historical Museums

Of course, along with its megaton worth of bars, northeast Wisconsin boasts plenty of historical museums. Whether it be pre-Packer lore at Green Bay’s Neville Public Museum,

exploration into Harry Houdini’s craft at the Historical Museum at the Castle,

or learning about logging at the Marinette County Historical Museum,

you’ll get your share of northeastern Wisconsin’s past industry, cultures, leisure activities and social behaviors. There are plenty more museums in this area, these just happened to be the cream of the crop. And, when in Wisconsin, cream is pretty relevant.

Other Cool Museums

Of course, along with historical museums of a broad scope, the area also has some pretty decent museums specific to types of travel and industry. I’ll start off with travel, and how Wisconsin’s first Europeans reached this area. That story, well I don’t know if Jean Nicolet is featured, but he got here via Lake Michigan, anyways, other Great Lakes tales are told at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum

and the Door County Maritime Museum

Of course, you can’t talk about travel without mentioning a revolutionary vehicle; I’m talking about one that changed America: the locomotive. The National Railroad Museum, located on Green Bay’s west side, sports some cool rust buckets, plus fully restored boxcars, cabooses and engines.

And if you want to talk about revolutionary vehicles, taking America’s evolution one step further, the Automobile Gallery highlights the curves and lines that took cars, vans and trucks from practical machines to mass produced works of art.

Plenty of Indoor Events…

Stepping way from museums for a bit; I’m sure, by now, you get my point. And if you’re into events, like concerts, boat shows and the like, Green Bay’s newly opened Resch Expo hosts plenty of that stuff.

Appleton’s PAC puts on Broadway productions, I’m talking about musicals such as Wicked, Hadestown, and Mean Girls.

And the Resch Center plays home to the Green Bay Blizzard, the UWGB men’s basket ball team and the Green Bay Gamblers.

There’s a bit of a list for you. Yet, in these cities and towns, you can find more. I haven’t even mentioned the Oneida Casino, or Appleton’s Funset Boulevard. My point is, make it a point to seek out fun this winter. I think it’s a little better than binge watching some drama on Netflix.

Safe Travels!

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