Kroll’s West

When it comes to serving food, some places have the two most coveted traits. Well, come to think of it, I can think of another quality that mightily lends a hand to prosperity. First things first, let’s start off with the top two that come to mind: tradition and reputation. That duo might seem to go hand in hand, yet, when you talk about a third generation place, one within plain sight of Lambeau Field, tradition takes on a whole new meaning. And its reputation, or word of mouth, is so deeply embedded within the residents of Green Bay, generations, when asked of this particular establishment, can vividly picture the restaurants’ rather modest structures. I’m talking of the Kroll’s restaurants in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Today, as there is an east side location, right on the cusp of downtown, I’m going to feature a short bit on Kroll’s West. This place, as I had mentioned, having hinted at a third coveted trait, is located in Title Town’s most prime real estate; right across the street from Lambeau Field.

But never mind that, and the fact that Kroll’s West features gameday bands along with a food truck. There is quite a bit more to this seemingly mundane, if not, if I dare claim, antiquated establishment. I guess, since it’s well maintained and cleanly, I’ll describe its atmosphere as traditional. Kroll’s has been in business for eighty-five years. The Main Street location, sitting on the east side of the Fox River, was opened in 1936, Which makes it only 17 years younger than the Packers-and about twenty years older than Lambeau Field. The west side has been sitting at its current location since 1974.

Enough about location and tradition, let’s get to the most important part…shall we? And of course, we all know what that is, food, service and pricing. Consider this, Kroll’s, who has built a reputation on its hamburgers, which are slightly greasy and served on a toasted bun, has a quarter pound beef patty, loaded with ketchup, mustard, pickle and onion for under six bucks.

Even if you add a side of fries and a beer to the mix, the price tag, assuming you’re alone, comes to about fifteen bucks…that includes a fifteen percent tip! Oh, and I was greeted the moment I sat at the bar.

Have no fear, if you value your cholesterol levels, or are just in the mood for something other than a hamburger, Kroll’s has a sprawling menu to choose from. It includes burgers, pizzas, salads, dinner plates, wraps and more. Granted, the bar’s tap beer list is mostly domestics, however, its bottled beer selection is pretty fair.

I guess, as today I celebrate a Thursday night Packer victory, this place seems to fit Green Bay well. It’s really no frills, yet it’s aesthetically pleasing all the same. Its food selection is mainly down home midwestern eats, and its pricing is fair and reasonable. The service is friendly, and the atmosphere is so laid back, you’ll wonder if your sitting in a restaurant, or a vibrant extension of your living room.

Safe Travels!

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