A Local Art Exhibit

There aren’t many places, at least that I know of, that feature local art. I mean, a few small galleries come to mind, but, for the most part, area artists lack proper venues to showcase their talents. So, when one hears of the Neville Public Museum’s ‘76th Annual Art Juried Exhibition’, a collaboration of area works, which is on display until January 30th 2022, I think it should be applauded.

These art exhibits, a collection of forty hand selected works, exude artistic mastery. And the range of artistic expressions range from digital photography to mixed media and oil paintings to textiles. Of course, along with that are metal, ceramic and wood sculptures…actually, I’m leaving out a great deal. And when it comes to the mention of artwork, I was oblivious to the grand scope, and the diverse mediums, in which one can pour their soul out into a visual context.

If you’re wondering what qualifies as local, being where these painters, sculptors, photographers and others hail, the proximity has been narrowed to Northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. And an art judge, a professor of visual arts at Beloit College, seems to be the final vote.

As for the venue, which happens to be the Neville Public Museum, it’s as fine a place as any. The museum stands on the Fox River’s western bank, right in the heart of Green Bay. Admission for adults is only nine dollars. Along with the exhibit I’ve just mentioned, ‘Spectacular Science‘, ‘Beauty and Beasts’ and the ‘Generations Gallery‘ all await a curious visitor.

After my perusal, including an investigation of each work, along with the artist’s intended expression, I feel enlightened. Some are rather prosaic, others a bit too busy, but some, and actually more than a few, left an impression on me. Some emotional, intellectual or spiritual bond occurred in the confines of a small exhibit room. And when you learn of the artist’s interpretation, versus your own, you realize that we are one community with individual viewpoints-the very basis of society.

Safe Travels!

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