Veteran’s Day

‘Some gave all,’ was a very popular song, a country ballad sung by Billy Ray Cyrus, that honors those who lost their lives in combat. But, are you any less of a soldier if you have survived? And what about those military men and women who never saw combat, but, instead, were shipped over seas, far from their families, for an extended duration.

I was one of the ones who never saw combat, yet lived thousands of miles from the continental United States. And I have to admit, when I receive the same free meal on Veterans Day, sitting a table down from a paraplegic war vet, I withstand a bit of humility. Really, how catastrophic was my sacrifice? But then I remember, while that man deserves open arms, and subsequently to be hailed as a hero, my less obvious sacrifices should be honored also. For that reason, I’m posting a small reminder for all Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. I think ensuring our nation’s security deserves a bit of commemoration.

Keeping that in mind, Tomorrow, at the Green Bay Yachting Club, starting at 11am, there will be a commemoration ceremony open to anyone. I found very few details, but if you are a veteran, or feel obligated or thrilled to honor a former serviceman, this might serve that purpose.

Also, as I perused wearegreenbay.com, the WFRV-TV website, I came across a list of area restaurants offering free meals to veterans. This will be on Veteran’s Day, Thursday, November 11th- this list includes:


California Pizza Kitchen

Carrabba’s Italian Grill




Golden Corral


Little Ceasar’s

Olive Garden

Red Lobster


Texas Roadhouse

You can go to WFRV’s website to check the specifics, such as meals offered, carry-out and delivery options plus hours restrictions.

Safe Travels!

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