Enjoying Fall Foliage in Door County’s Fish Creek

As I glance at the extended forecast, and then recall the fall foliage desperately clinging to area trees, I believe that Door County tourists, those wishing to traipse through quaint clapboard towns, witnessed comfortable fall viewing at its last gasp. At least, when you consider all reasonable conclusions, this spectacle will finally meet this year’s end after today.

With temps reaching sixty yesterday, and much of the same predicted for today, you couldn’t have asked for better fall weather. Unfortunately, while we won’t endure freezing mid day temps, the thermometer is not expected to peak over 45 next weekend. And to top that off, deciduous trees are shedding their leaves quickly, though I did see some stubborn green on a few woodland giants.

I always wondered why trees lose their leaves. I found a decent answer at telegraphindia.com. According to them, during the cycle of fall, reduced daylight hours, not the cold weather, stymies photosynthesis and, subsequently, the food production necessary for healthy leaves. And, as the leaves lose chlorophyl, the green hues yield to vibrant autumn shades.

Anyway, our fall escapade choice was Fish Creek, which is lightly populated with yearlong inhabitants. The town is about three quarters up the Door Peninsula, that is, if you’re headed north. Simply take highway 42 out of Sturgeon Bay, and follow along the peninsula’s western shore, and you’ll descend a bluff, sending you smack dab in the center of town. There, as I had already mentioned, with white clapboard buildings lining the street, a sizeable tree topped bluff in the background, the bay reflecting the blue sky and Peninsula State Park harboring Wisconsin wilderness, the stage is set for fun and relaxation.

We strolled the town for a bit, perusing Fish Creek’s wide array of shops.

We also caught a glimpse of Ephraim, a neighboring town,

ascended Peninsula Park’s Eagle Tower,

and enjoyed the foliage collages on our way up.

We also enjoyed some decent panoramas while reaching the top.

Did I mention we got an awesome photo of Ephraim?

Not only that, as we rolled through the hilly state park, we enjoyed the leaves, and found the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

and its cool little outhouse.

When we left, with the sun falling towards the west, peace and relaxation settled in our bodies. It allowed for reflection, not only of the gorgeous day, but the past few weeks. Next year, as it’s certainly not too early to plan, we’ll probably make the visit during mid to late October. But for now, soon, the trees will be bare, and snow will sometimes coat the branches-another beautiful scene awaiting those frolicking on the peninsula.

Safe Travels!

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