Christmas Cheer in Northeast Wisconsin

Are you already stressed about the oncoming holidays? I know, I know, Christmas season is chaotic, stressful, hard on the pocket book and, sometimes, can make someone feel lonely as hell. Heaping on more Christmas tasks, or phony holiday cheer, just adds to the despair. But that’s why I’m posting this particular entry. If you can, when turkey day rolls around, seek out a light hearted holiday endeavor, you know, a fun excursion that conjures the magic of Christmas. Believe me, I hear you, we’re adults, and there is already so much to tend to during the holiday season. Yet, if you give me a second, I’ll suggest a few events, or activities, that might make for a memorable time-one that just might carry you through until New Years Day.

First off, I’ll start with some old fashioned Holiday fun. There are many Victorian Era homes, yesteryear’s mansions in northeastern Wisconsin, that are decked out for Christmas. I love witnessing something of that nature. After all, the Victorian Age was when our modern Christmas traditions began.

Two houses of note, at least ones that I found to be very cool, are the Grignon Mansion, which offers horse-drawn carriage rides,

and the Hearthstone Historical House Museum, which features lit Christmas trees, ones radiating among dim and shadowy surroundings. As I strolled through, I could swear Dicken’s Christmas spirits were lurking about.

Or, sticking with the traditional Christmas rituals, one could participate in an old time classic: cutting down your own evergreen. There are a few tree farms in the area.

Aissen tree farm, a place a few miles from Kewaunee, is where I have donned the boots, brandished the saw, lied on the earth and felled my own living room adornment.

Besides cut your owns, Aissen offers pre cut trees, fresh wreaths and boughs plus a decor shop.

Another great way to spend your time, and another way to take in the frosty air, would be the Green Bay Botanical Garden’s ‘Garden of Lights’.

Inside this venue’s confines, over 300,000 shimmering bulbs radiate holiday cheer.

With a wide array of breath taking sculptures, most depicting organic species, the creativity, alone, is worth the spell binding experience.

Lastly, and I’m not quite sure if this event is taking place, at least I haven’t seen definite indicators yet, but, if it is, the Title Town District’s Winter Jubilee is pretty fun.

A light show is projected on Lambeau Field’s western facade, accompanied by a few fireworks.

Along with that, if those in charge decide against holding the jubilee, you could still participate in classic outdoor winter activities. Things such as ice skating and tubing, set in a festively lit courtyard, will liven the soul.

And those are my suggestions. I’ve left a ton off, such as other area light shows, holiday parades, Christmas concerts, the PAC’s Nutcracker , caroling troops and other fun ways to lift a weary spirit. If you are emotionally burdened this year, give a holiday event a try.

Times and dates will be limited. I encourage you to google an event or activity that you’re interested in.

Safe Travels!

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