Local Artists at The Art Garage.

In a recent post, I began by saying there weren’t many venues for local art. However, even if that is the truth, there are a few northeast Wisconsin galleries and museums, ones that get a few patrons, that showcase local artists. My endeavor today, as I briefly perused ‘The Art Garage’, which is a downtown Green Bay art gallery, was to take in the fifty or so locally created pieces, pieces which did strike a chord inside my core, set inside this small but classy place.

The Art Garage’, like I had mentioned, sits near Green Bay’s downtown. Actually, it’s just off of Main Street, located on a side road known as Cedar Street. The building is a simple brick structure, suggesting the history of this downtown section.

As I entered via the glass door, I learned of the gallery’s 15th anniversary. And to celebrate the occasion, a juried exhibition of local talent was on display. I believe the field was comprised of 200 pieces, in which a small panel of jurors, including the head of the Green Bay Public Arts Commision and a UWGB art professor, made the final choices. A little over a quarter of the artwork presented to the jury, all having local roots, had been selected for this exhibition.

Among this eclectic collection of wall art, I found artists of similar backgrounds,

and fun bizarre encounters also.

Of course, there were plenty other pieces that fell somewhere in the middle.

All of the art on display is available for purchase. I caught price tags ranging from $240 to well over $2,000. Who knows, those prices were taken from works I personally fancied, the price range may have been wider.

In closing, if you get close to downtown Green Bay, supposing that you like art a bit, check out ‘The Art Garage’. It certainly isn’t enormous, but the wealth of talent displayed is cool. I mean, it’s all local. And it’s cool to know that area minds can touch one’s soul in a positive manner.

This exhibition runs from now until Nov. 27th 2021.

Safe Travels!

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