Hanging Out at Bazil’s

Along College Avenue, the main artery through Appleton’s downtown, there are many places to get a bite to eat. And just as importantly, strewn about this vibrant street, there are plenty of bars. So, when in search of a good dining spot, you know, a low priced place with a neighborhood vibe, one where you could couple your meal with a good beer, your search will not be that troublesome. I found a decent spot, an establishment known as Bazil’s Pub, in this bustling area of Appleton, Wisconsin.

Bazil’s doesn’t stick out for any particular reason. Its decor is prosaic, save for a curious aquarium placed behind the bar…oh, and some fun ceiling tiles. And the menu, which I will get to in a minute, didn’t have anything that really jumped out at me. But, despite the lack luster lures, I found the atmosphere comfortable, and the service was excellent.

As for the menu, it’s pretty standard, at least it’s midwestern standard. There are a ton of appetizers, a decent amount of burgers, a few salads, a bit of seafood, soups, combo baskets and a little more on this full menu. And the prices are reasonable. A burger with fries, plus a beer, came to around thirteen dollars. Of course, you have to add a tip to that, but it’s still affordable.

As for the drinks, I read online that Bazil’s offers over 150 different beer choices. I did see a list, but it didn’t appear that long, at least there weren’t that many on tap. Though, as I read Basil’s website info, I do believe that most of the beer choices are in bottles and cans.

In closing, if you want a comfortable spot, one with very few bells and whistles, check this place out. The biggest draws, as far as I could tell, happened to be the spot’s beers and menu. And when I’m searching for a laid back hang out, that’s exactly what I want.

Safe Travels!

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