Happy Black Friday!

I hope everyone had a festive and fun Thanksgiving. I woke up late today, so this post is going to be rather short and sweet. And considering I really don’t have a Wisconsin destination to write about, since I’ve spent the better portion of last week at home, this is just going to be a little bit of well wishing, a caring sentiment to anyone who bothers to read this entry.

My Thanksgiving was pretty damn awesome! I woke around 7:30 am and, by 10:15, Heidi and I threw the turkey in the oven. While waiting for the bird to be finished, I put up Christmas decor, both inside and out. After that, Heidi’s children visited and we enjoyed a thanksgiving feast.

Following that fun little meal, we made a jaunt to my parent’s home. There, I enjoyed conversations, games and a turkey feast with my sisters, their children and my parents. By the end of the night, I was drained-only mentally and physically, certainly not in spirit.

I hope yours was just as cool. Hopefully, memories were made and feelings of kinship had been renewed. And most of all, I hope you could find a bit of gratitude for the world that surrounds your person. I know, when I think of all my wishes and desires, that sometimes I lose focus on the things I have. And when I step back, and take a quick surveyance of my life, I think ‘Damn, I am kind of lucky’.

Today, as I’m sure some of you are already participating in that retail scramble, the one they call Black Friday, the holiday shopping season officially begins. When searching for that perfect gift, whether it be on the shelf or online, keep in mind that peace, love and kindness wins a soul just as well. Although, that perfect gift does go a long way. Ha-Ha!

Safe Travels!

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