Wintry Window Worlds

From what I gather, a popular holiday activity, one that happened to be yesteryear’s family expedition, came from checking out storefront windows. According to the Neville Public Museum, starting in the early 1900’s, families would hop in the car, bounding towards Green Bay’s downtown, and then, peering through shop window panes, render themselves spellbound by fictional wintry scenes. A snapshot of these nostalgic showcases, a collection of fun little festive settings, is on display at the Neville.

The Neville Public Museum rests in Green Bay’s downtown, situated on the Fox River’s western bank. Along with today’s featured exhibit, there are tons of other interesting draws. There is the ‘Art Annual Juried Exhibition’, which showcases local artistic talent.

Along with that, ‘Spectacular Science’ gives an overview of the scientific realm.

Allowing children a bit of their own personal space, the museum holds a ‘Children Only Shop.’ And of course, if I have to mention it, the ‘Generations Gallery’ houses the museum’s permanent exhibit, an exhibit focused on local history.

Yet, today, I’ll focus on only one fantastic portion of the museum. It’s known as ‘Holiday Memories of Downtown Green Bay’, and will be at the Neville for the rest of this holiday season. Mainly, it’s a showcase of past Prange’s window scenes, when there happened to be such a store. These collections were donated by Prange’s, and, even if they’re a bit dated for me, I do sense a bit of longing. You know, that desire to hop in a tail finned sedan, drive along good old fashioned brick and mortar and fancy myself in a world dreamt up by the retailer.

Among the fantastical settings, you’ll find rustic Items,

snow bunnies,

snow babies,

funky mirrors,

some genuine old time relics

and there is a bit more.

To top off the Prange’s themed Christmas artifacts right, in the second floor lobby, a tree known as Bruce the Spruce is a testament to old time holiday magic.

The tree talks…is that creepy by today’s standards? Yep, it’s a talking tree, and I believe he’s pretty old, you wouldn’t guess it by looking at him. The guy’s absolutely handsome.

In closing, I’d just like to point one thing out; If you’re a veteran, and you need a little holiday cheer, the Neville Public Museum is free. And the Prange’s exhibit is pretty damn cool. Even if you’re not a vet, I think you’ll be stunned by the display. It’s not sprawling, but it’s quaint and vibrant.

Safe Travels!

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