A Midday Visit to Sabbatical Brewing Company

The very definition of sabbatical, no matter what definition you opt for, makes sense for a brewery. Sabbatical can either mean a paid period of time off, set aside for travel or study, or, using a more archaic sense of the word, it can pertain to the Sabbath, a holy day of rest and worship. No matter which translation you prefer, two sentiments, those being rest and relaxation, are present in any definition of the word. So, that’s what I did, I took a midday sabbatical, although nobody paid me for it, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin….at an establishment known as Sabbatical Brewing Company.

This particular location is pretty cool, as it’s situated in the lakeside town of Manitowoc. Unfortunately, this place does not overlook Lake Michigan, being set on the city’s west side. But despite that, nestled in a quiet little burb, only a few miles from agrarian scenery, an old feed mill, including the taproom’s antiquated one story portion, proudly gives testimony to the area’s roots. I don’t know the history of the mill, but such structures, as one recalls a few decades back, were found in any midwestern farming community. Basically, this tower milled and supplied feed for nearby farmers’ livestock.

As for the brewery, while the exterior says dated and gritty, the taproom flashes fresh and chic. It has a comfortable vibe where one can settle with friends, reflect on the day and drink in celebration of the moments to come. All told, as I peered over the bar, 22 taps, rudimentary spickets set on a backdrop of stainless steel, awaited a beer craving patron. Among your choices, nitros, seltzers and many other novel concoctions beg a tastebud perusal. I sampled a few stouts, ones mixed with fruits and maple syrup, and then opted for an Irish red.

In closing, this place is fairly new, having opened its doors this past March. And I enjoyed the setting. With so many beers to sample and choose, the ultimate reason why I like breweries, no two trips have to be exactly the same. Given the setting, I can see this spot being a solid choice to just kick back and enjoy your sabbatical.

Safe Travels!

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