Skiing the Brown County Parks

Snow has fallen, and I believe there’s enough white stuff to chance some winter sports. Many choose sledding as their winter expedition, I’m speaking of gliding down a precipitous slope. Quite a few others prefer motorized sledding, more commonly known as snowmobiling, which involves skimming across the snow at high speeds. Yet others, and I fall into this last category, yearn to strap on skis and course a wooded trail. So, with that in mind, I’ll recount three Brown County parks. All of these have excellent Nordic ski trails.

I’ll start with my favorite: The Reforestation Camp. There are traditional ski trails for all levels at this forested haven, from beginner to advanced. There is also a great skate ski path. And, supplying shelter before and after the endeavor, there is a spacious lodge overlooking the trailhead.

Next up, lying only a few miles south of the Reforestation Camp, and thus being closer to Green Bay, you’ll find Barkhausen.

All of the trails in the this county park are very easy, they just vary in length. There are also snow shoe rentals at this spot. Add a real fire in the lodge’s age old hearth, a little rustic touch, and the sweet smell of smoke will enhance your trek’s end.

Lastly, Neshota County Park, lying on the other side of Green Bay, offers some hilly woodland terrain. It also provides skate skiers another option besides the Reforestation Camp. Although the shelter, from what I remember, is a cinder block building, the area is simply fantastic.

I should mention, as it is probably of interest, that there is a blanket pass for Brown County parks. The ski pass varies, depending on whether you’re buying a single pass or a family permit.

There’s my list for 2021. Of course, other local counties, such as Door and Kewaunee, have excellent cross country skiing paths of their own. I definitely encourage anyone to try some cross country skiing; outdoor adventures always liven the soul!

Safe Travels!

2 responses to “Skiing the Brown County Parks”

  1. I have an uncle (who lives in Carmel, Indiana) who always raved about Brown County parks. I would like to try Nordic skiing – which I think is cross country skiing. I can’t ice skate, and I doubt I could snow ski. But I’m thinking I would like to try this. I will keep your post in mind. With our travel trailer winterized, I want to go somewhere before April 1! Looks like it was really fun.

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    • Thanks for the comment, Betty. Yes, skiing is a blast, and Brown County parks are well maintained. I’m fortunate to live so close to places, like the ones I’ve mentioned, where a person can connect with nature.

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