Pleading for a Brew at the Courthouse Pub

Many a brewpub, when considering what its patrons desire, find residence inside a historic vestige. And while some historic structures fall victim to age and tarnish, the very property they once sat upon, a location amongst a storied setting, is cause for a bit of reverence. That could best sum up today’s establishment, a brewpub sitting on the very plot of an age-old tavern, which lied smack dab between gargantuan testaments of its city’s industrious past.

I’m talking of the Courthouse Pub, which is dwarfed by a nearby brewery, one that has been standing for over a century. And straight across the street, an elegant courthouse towers over the pub.

The pub’s building itself, while fairly new, was constructed on the very site of, and resembled the aura of, Frank Willinger’s Beer Hall. That is to say, the building’s vinyl sided exterior, made to replicate the white clapboard shell of Willinger’s, and the newer version’s stately interior ooze a fashionable yesteryear vibe.

As for the beer, there are a few classic choices at this brewpub. I counted five house brewed concoctions, including an imperial stout, touting a walloping 12.5 ABV, and a refreshingly fruity IPA. Of the three beers I had sampled, really wanting to experience a full pint of The Executioner, which is the establishment’s imperial stout, but opting for another due to the fact that I was driving, I went for the Luau Krunkles, the Courthouse’s IPA. All told, the beers I sampled tasted like quality brews.

The food menu includes appetizers, salads, handhelds, small dinners and large dinners. Of the large platters, I found choices ranging from rib-eye to duck. The prices are a bit rangy also. And to wash it down, if you’re not in the mood for a beer, there are wine and cocktail options.

All and all, when searching for a unique brewery, or in this case, brewpub, one must weigh their values. While the building is not really historic, the site, the scenery and the area that surrounds the Courthouse Pub definitely are. Add a friendly, knowledgeable staff, which I definitely stumbled upon at said establishment, and you’re bound to render a verdict of satisfaction.

Safe Travels!

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