Chillin’ at C Street

A little place, a bit of neon, subtle lighting, an aged bar and, maybe, a little bit of mellow hip-hop: sound interesting? It’s typically not my choice. Yet, Heidi and I found a place downtown, on a quiet city ave known as Cherry Street, where the alcohol prices were reasonable, the staff was friendly and the atmosphere differed from any other spot in Green Bay.

Cherry Street, the home of today’s topic, intersects Washington Street, making C Street a two-block walk, which is a very lively stroll among holiday lights, from Washington’s boisterous strip of bars.

Inside, I found the smooth sounds of hip hop complimenting a darkened interior. The classic bar, wood paneling, and a few other features suggested throwback, but the lights and music stated chic. This usually isn’t my type of place; I prefer a bit of rock, maybe a few aged brick walls and a decent house brewed beer to sip while relaxing. Yet, I felt comfortable here, and one of the owners, being three that have invested in the place, introduced himself and was very personable.

Our mixed drinks registered at $7 a piece, and they were mixed fairly strong. We only stayed for one, yet it had nothing to do with the place. We simply wanted to check out the downtown atmosphere, which, itself, begs a bit of indulgence. If you’re a hip hop fan, searching for a casual bar downtown, this place would probably be your choice.

Safe Travels!

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