No Need to Take a Mulligan This ‘Turn’

And now, it’s my turn: a chance to inform whoever reads this post. I’ll do my best, in the most light hearted of fashions, to describe a bar and restaurant, one that will satiate those who lament summer’s passing. I mean, plain and simple, when it’s thirty some degrees outside, you really can’t withstand a round of golf-and most course tenders, due to unfavorable conditions, wouldn’t even let you set foot on their fairways. Because of that, high tech golf, and other fun simulators, await at a place known as the Turn.

The Turn is located in the Title Town District, which is directly across from Lambeau Field. The district is a collection of eateries, bars and amenities that support outdoor fun. So, if you’re on the west side of the city, or visiting for a Packer game, this Green Bay bar and restaurant might be part of an eventful day.

The Turn, besides its very cool simulators,

or sleek and classy bar,

or abundant craft beer taps,

sports an expansive dining room.

So, with a menu including appetizers, salads, sandwiches, entrees, a kid’s menu, gameday specials and desserts, this modern setting, with a classy bit of style, might make for a great mealtime experience.

I should also mention that, besides tap craft beers, the Turn also features an extensive cocktail list and a small wine menu.

But the biggest draw, the one that people gravitate towards, are the simulators.

Today, on an early Friday afternoon, a few hours before the 3pm happy hour, these Topgolf gaming suites were packed. And, although every simulator featured golf, there are other games to choose from. Sports such as hockey, baseball and dodgeball can entertain in this trendy establishment. One may reserve a gaming suite by visiting the Turn’s website.

Well, that about wraps it up. Oh, I forgot two of the most important parts, I’m talking about qualities that can make or break any visit: pricing and service. I’d rank both very high; the bartender was friendly and funny. Not to mention, the prices, considering the Turn’s location, were fairly reasonable. So, reserve yourself a suite, order a couple of beers and indulge in the food; your experience will probably have you anticipating the next Turn!

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