A Night Full of Lights in Green Bay

I’m not a huge country music fan, but I’ve heard of a group known as Little Big Town. The reason I bring that up, as it may seem irrelevant in a holiday themed post, is because that band’s name is an accurate description of Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is the third largest city in the Badger State. So, when it comes to holiday lights, there are some well contrived ideas, stunning lights shimmering along streets and paths, but there’s also a bit of small town quaintness, a bit of charm set in a town of around 100,000 souls.

We had been driving around neighborhoods, gawking at area residences, ones that showed off their owners’ artistic prowess, when I complained, “Man, I don’t have a blog topic, we should find some spot.”

Heidi seemed not in the mood for a bar, “We could check out the lights downtown and at Title Town, you could compare and contrast.”

So, that’s what we did. Yet, I’m not going to compare and contrast, I’ll simply spark an idea for an uplifting holiday outing, a no cost stroll through a bit of modern magic.

Downtown Green Bay has a few cool bars and restaurants. So, if you feel like mixing in a dining experience, you can certainly pull that off.

While gallivanting downtown, we discovered the Walk of Legends, a monument honoring past Packer greats, festively lit in our favorite team’s colors

The Ray Nitschke and Bart Starr bridges were also decked out in green and gold, as they served as a backdrop during a stroll along the brilliantly lit riverbank.

And just across the River, set in a square off of Broadway, I discovered this spell binding display.

And if you want a magical setting, one that includes tubing and skating, the Title Town District and famed Lambeau Field are only a few miles away.

Here, starting with the Title Town District, you’ll discover sheer Christmas elegance, shimmering boldly along a jovial path.

There’s also a fashionable skating rink,

Not to mention, if Mother Nature fails, a snow making machine, a high tech little miracle, provides tubing opportunities.

To finish our night, we headed across the road. There, towering over every structure in the vicinity, lies Lambeau Field

and the city’s largest lit Christmas tree.

After that, as if we hadn’t experienced enough holiday light fun, Heidi and I stepped from the cold, snuggled on the couch and watched Christmas Light Fight. It was simply a night full of modern wonder.

Safe Travels!

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