Time for a Christmas Break!

Whew! I’m a bit spent. Right around the beginning of July, I had decided to write three blog posts a week. I had set a schedule, altered it a bit and kept that vow until today. I simply need a Christmas break. And, as I consider the week ahead, most people, including myself, simply will be busy with preparations for Friday and Saturday. So, I won’t blog again until New Years Eve.

I’d just like to take this time to wish everyone a merry Christmas. May all my fellow bloggers keep writing interesting posts and/or feature breathtaking photos. May everybody on Facebook enjoy the warmth of the season.

I, personally, as I continue blogging, seemingly to no avail, hope to continue to improve my writing. Heck, I probably perform more exercises than I actually write, a gargantuan effort to hone my skills. And I think I wore myself out.

Not to mention, as I also work a full time job, coming up with a new topic every other day becomes exhausting. So, I’m going to recharge the batteries, think of fun mid winter hangouts and hit it again next Friday.

Not only do I write posts on WordPress, I am also in the midst of writing a YA series. I just submitted my work to a literary agency today. It will probably be another rejection. This particular agent had strict guidelines, and I’ve never been one for following rules closely. But anyways, this writing thing, it’s a mission, a challenge and a task worth undertaking. However, right now, this very moment, my brain is tired. So, I’ll write again on New Years Eve. Until then, Merry Christmas and…

Safe Travels!

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