The Milwaukee Art Museum

Located on Milwaukee’s lakefront, the Milwakee Art Museum oozes artistry, and, should one meander the grounds, creativity abounds everywhere one casts their eye. Heck, its entrance building, obviously an example of architectural mastery, is an artistic phenomenon all by itself.

We started out around two in the afternoon, enjoying the brilliance of the museum’s structure,

its collection of ancient art

European Christian mastery

and classical renderings

that showcased seemingly unearthly abilities.

Of course, with any museum worth their salt, the exhibits were not limited to paintings and sculptures.

We also found armor

clocks and more.

As we worked our way from Renaissance and classical works, our eyes were greeted by some refreshingly modern pieces.

Many of these abstracts were designed by painters without formal schooling in art.

I was on the fence about many, yet some did register on my cool meter.

Beyond abstracts, we found industrial art,

and I discovered that practically any item can embody artistic qualities.

And I mean anything.

From there, and by now, with all the works in the museum, much seemed to run together, we then perused the Hatian portion.

Sticking with the Hatian segment for one more photo, I’m not much of an art critic, but I seemed to detect similarities with Central American ancient art…you know, like the Mayans.

Of course, there was a classic furniture portion too, including these carvings.

We also discovered 19th century European works, including a few impressionism paintings.

And, as a reminder of art’s power, we found a few pieces rebelling against racist notions, both literally

and symbolically.

Although art can create social action, among the serious, we also found the fun,

the chic

and the bizarre.

And despite the many categories, mediums and geographical origins of the museum’s pieces, there were wide open spaces to simply ingest creativity

and just chill by an invigorating lake view window.

In the end, as I discovered some work that could be seen as politically incorrect, and I craved a tad more from the modern art portion, I think the museum’s collection is decent. For what it is, and an admission price of twenty-three dollars, the entertainment value, social perspective and educational aspect make this museum worth the money.

Safe Travels!

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