The Neville Public Museum

If you’re looking for a family endeavor, I’m talking about an outing set in Green Bay’s historic downtown,  you could venture towards the Fox River’s west bank. There, in a singular structure standing as an affordable means of entertainment, Green Bay’s Neville Museum highlights the area’s  history, art and its place in science. 

This community centerpiece has been in existence for over a century, and once shared space with a public library.  Now, its Generations Gallery, which houses the museum’s permanent exhibit,  serves as a rather disjointed summation of northeast Wisconsin’s past.

You start by busting through an ice cave

and investigating remnants of the ice age, like fossils


and a mammoth tusk.

Young ones can learn how these artifacts were discovered with this interactive exhibit.

After that, and this is what I mean by a disjointed exhibit, as the gallery surged forward in time, from the Ice Age to mere decades ago,I stumbled upon twentieth century pieces.

Among the displays, there were items such as clothing,

toys and games

plus the appliances of an everyday home.

Of course, accentuating the randomness of this gallery, after I surmised those relics, a spattering of cool antiques caught my eye. It was definitely to my delight. Those 19th century and early 20th century pieces were exactly why I had come to this place.

If I were to lay out a museum, an old pump wagon would certainly be a must.

How about a vintage car?

And a Smithsonian curator didn’t know what the heck this was….well, they know it’s a wooden unicycle from circa 1860.

Of course, getting away from random old stuff, you couldn’t have a Green Bay museum without mentioning the Packers. Did they really lose to the Lions?

Other points of interest, as there were tons of artifacts situated along a wall, were what you expect from a local history museum.

I found exhibits on industry,

the military,

sports and leisure,

with musical instruments thrown in for good measure.

And adding a little flavor to the gallery, this tower of art adorns the large open room.

After I spent some time here, reading up on Fort Howard, checking out past area industries and marveling at how commonplace items, ones I remember from my childhood, are now in an exhibit, I’m not sure how I feel about the Generations Gallery. It seems to say less is more, and there are some pretty cool items inside its walls. Yet, I don’t know, I guess I wish the museum had more space.

Considering the price, and if you add three temporary exhibits to the mix, the value is there. I just feel that there’s so much to say about Green Bay, and while the gallery is fun, they’ve only scratched the surface….

Safe Travels!

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