Skiing the Wildlife Sanctuary

According to a reliable internet source, the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest animal rehabilitation facilities in Wisconsin; its also Green Bay’s largest park.  So, besides critter watching, considering that there’s tons of room to roam,  you could simply soak up nature on one of the park’s trails.  And that’s what I did, as I skiied through this local preserve on Thursday and Friday.

Years ago, I’m not sure why, but I tried this park and left disappointed.  Today, with a different outlook,  I was actually completely satisfied with my experience.  The groomed tracks were a bit chewed up, but the snow was packed to make an easy time of it.

There were tall, dormant grasses

yielding a view of precipitous mound,

bare forests,

a little bit of both grasses and woodland,

and a bridge over a frozen swamp.

Unfortunately, even if the terrain varied, there were a few roads to cross.  I know of two gates that allow access to the trails.

  There is this one on Danz Avenue, and  you’ll find this parking lot off of East Shore Drive.

Of course, the main gate provides access to the entire park, but the trails are more immediately accessible at the other entrances.

All and all, although Saturday was a bit chilly, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.  The Wildlife Sanctuary’s landscape is pretty awesome.  I even saw a bobcat on the trail.  I think it was more afraid of me than I was of it. 

If you’re wondering about the length of the trails, there are a few loops that would add up to several miles.  What’s best, the trails are free to ski.  And in this day and age, that’s hard to come across.

Safe Travels!

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